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Families of Romance Fraud Victims are Often Victims Also

Romance scam impact is greater than most people imagine. The direct victims grow every year, especially within senior citizens. According to the latest annual report from Internet Crime Complaint Center in the U.S., over 18,000 people reported being victim of romance fraud in 2018, with losses accounting more than USD $362 million.  But, this is […]

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Charity Scammers Profiting from Big Scale Disasters

While the Cathedral of Notre Dame was still on fire, scammers were already playing on the sympathy of thousands of people. Their goal is always to prey on innocents’ bank accounts. International private investigators say that major disasters move people’s heart strings like nothing else.  Watching people suffer or lose something valuable is an important […]

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International Employment Investigations Key to Verify Foreign Hires

Are you currently searching for foreign talent? Need to find candidates in a foreign country? Thousands of companies hire internationally nowadays because they have expanded their business to new countries and regions, or because their best options to find specialized talent are overseas.  In other cases, companies like Google and Facebook and many others outsource […]

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Need to Hire an International Private Investigator? Read this Advisory!

There are many reasons why at a given moment you might need an international private investigator. The world itself is becoming more international and global, so many businesses and individuals today have an international background or presence.  Individuals and companies hire private investigators with international experience for personal investigations related to romance cases, like those […]

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How to Fight and Avoid Email Compromise Scams

Everyone who is currently using an email account should know what an email compromise scam is and why it affects you. It is also known as a BEC scam (Business Email Compromise) or EAC (Email Account Compromise). This is a sophisticated internet fraud scheme targeting those who work and communicate with foreign companies or contacts.  […]

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Wymoo Investigators Report Growth in International Background Checks

An international background check is a very effective tool to remain safe and reduce serious risks, whether in a personal relationship or a business deal. Wymoo international investigators have been helping individuals and corporations for over twelve years with their investigation needs, and as time goes by, more people are understanding the importance of proper […]

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