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The Right Way to Verify International Employment Candidates

When it comes to international background screenings and investigations, the range of services offered is vast.  There are many services that call themselves background checks, but use no investigators and never conduct any investigation.  A real background check investigation, especially an international one, requires trained investigators in the country where you need them!  Not everything […]

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Romance Scammers Steal and Launder CARES Act Money

The CARES Act funding has been a relief for many people and small businesses who have suffered the impact of this crisis. Stopping the economy will have long term effects for millions, but the funding is an immediate relief to all those struggling to pay for their bills and food. However, scammers have a different […]

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Online Surveillance and Violation of Privacy – How to Protect Yourself

Privacy is disappearing faster than we realize. According to international private investigators the new conditions under the pandemic have worsened the situation, as companies and governments are masking mass surveillance practices and privacy violations under policies and actions to stop the virus from spreading. And of course, the initial thought of most people is to […]

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Facebook Scam Risk and Your Privacy Lost – Is it Really Worth It?

Facebook has had its fair share of controversy since its very beginning.  No one in 2005 expected that one single website would connect 1.69 billion people worldwide. Since then, we have become used to new social apps and some of us have welcomed them in our daily lives. As time passes, Facebook may not be […]

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6 Reasons to Conduct Background Checks on International Hires

Every time a business has a new vacancy, there is added stress around having to replace or fill the new position. Sometimes the employer feels they will never find someone as good as the employee who just left, or that the new role won’t be able to be filled by the right person.  When all […]

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Need Surveillance in a Foreign Country? Experts Explain the Process

Surveillance services are some of the most requested investigations from international private investigators who offer surveillance. It is common to find people needing surveillance to obtain evidence of whether their partners are being truthful and honest. But there are a number of other situations that require surveillance.  Surveillance acts as your eyes and ears on […]

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