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Discrepancies in Job Applications Call for More Background Checks

Discrepancies in Job Applications Call for More Background Checks

The employment market is getting tougher for employment seekers and for employers as well. Most countries in the world have unprecedented unemployment rates, and many of these unemployed people are professionals who have invested a great deal of time, effort and money in education for a job, and yet they still can’t find one. The competition for international employment is fierce, and this pushes some people to lie on their resumes and exaggerate their accomplishments.

“In our private investigation experience, close to a forty percent of job applicants were found to have a discrepancy in their resume or CV after undergoing a professional employment screening process,” says John Wallace, Director of Background Checks at Wymoo International.

The rate of discrepancies continues to grow, and although some may be innocent miscalculations of the period in which someone worked for a certain employer many years ago, others are just blatant lies included in a resume with the purpose of deceitfully gaining a position in a company.

Unfortunately, background screening programs have a significant gap and employers are not effectively screening candidates. An effective international background screening is an actual investigation conducted by real investigators with offices or field investigators in the countries where you need them.  Searching the Internet, or checking a database is not going to verify an international candidate, and doing so would be negligent, putting a company at serious risk for fraud and bad hires.

The consequences of hiring a fraud go further than providing an opportunity to someone who does not deserve it. The dangers are real and serious. When an employer fails to exercise a proper background check and due diligence on a candidate, and this person has lied about their qualifications or identity, that employer can be sued. Employers are responsible if a person is harmed by an employee who was dangerous, dishonest, unfit, or unqualified. The name of the legal action is called negligent hiring, and it can be just one of the negative comebacks of skipping real employment screening.

Another serious risk can be having to face the consequences of fraud committed by an employee. A recent case in Mexico exposed a bank employee who stole approximately $40 million USD from American clients of a Mexican bank. The fraud was discovered when clients couldn’t retrieve funds from their accounts, and bank officials had to admit that funds from 158 accounts had disappeared. The ultimate responsible for the fraud is the bank, which proves why investing some dollars in professional employment screening can save a business from a multi-million dollar mistake.

Background check investigations can help ensure a high global standard for hire quality. Professional international employment screenings conducted on international candidates include identity verification, employment and education verification, criminal and court records, OFAC, reference checks, professional license checks, ID or passport verification, fraud screening and more.

When hiring abroad, it’s important to make sure you feel comfortable with whom you are adding to your team. Just as it happens domestically, a proper background check can promote a higher quality of hire through authenticating qualifications and experience and identifying any concerns in a prospect’s history.  Make sure the people joining your company are who they claim to be.

International background checks are an effective way to add team members who will support your company goals, bring new talent and help your business achieve further growth. Contact us for a free investigation quote if you require an international employment screening!

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