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Key Aspects of Employment Investigations for International Candidates

Key Aspects of Employment Investigations for International Candidates

Employment investigations for international candidates entail navigating a complex landscape of varying legal standards, cultural differences, and logistical challenges. To ensure that all of the above do not interfere with the quality of the investigation, our international employment screening investigators have elaborated below the key aspects that should be included in these investigations, regardless of the country of origin of the candidate.

  1. Verification of Identity and Legal Right to Work

The first and foremost step in professional employment investigations is verifying the candidate’s identity and ensuring they have the legal right to work in the country where the job is located. This involves checking passports, visas, and other relevant documentation. Employers must be familiar with immigration laws and regulations to avoid legal complications and potential fines. It is also indispensable to have local investigators on the ground conducting this verification, as you would need access to local records and proficiency in the local language.

  1. Education and Credential Verification

Educational qualifications and professional credentials are critical aspects of a candidate’s background. Verification of these credentials ensures that the candidate has the necessary knowledge and skills for the position. This process involves verifying directly with the schools,  institutions or certification bodies across the different countries where the candidate has received the education. This is not only time-consuming, in many cases it also requires written consent from the candidate, as schools may not release information without it. Despite this verification being complicated,  it is essential for maintaining the integrity of the hiring process.

  1. Employment History and References

A thorough check of a candidate’s employment history and references helps confirm their experience and work performance. This step often involves contacting previous employers and colleagues to validate the candidate’s job titles, responsibilities, and tenure. In international contexts, language barriers and time zone differences can pose challenges, but overcoming these obstacles is possible with the help of international private investigators with training and resources who have access to local records, as it is crucial for a comprehensive evaluation.

  1. Criminal and Court Records

Checking criminal and court records is a very small part of a proper international background check investigation, but it is an essential ingredient to ensure the safety and security of the workplace. Different countries have varying laws and practices regarding criminal records, so it is important that this is conducted by professionals who understand the legal framework in each jurisdiction. Employers might need to obtain the candidate’s consent before conducting these checks to comply with privacy regulations, as is the case in countries like the U.K.

  1. Bankruptcy Records and Negative Credit

For roles that involve financial responsibilities, checking a candidate’s bankruptcy records, or negative credit depending on the country, can provide insights into their financial stability and trustworthiness. This is especially pertinent for positions in the financial sector.

  1. Professional Licensing and Certification Verification

For roles that require specific licenses or certifications, verifying the validity of these credentials is crucial. This ensures that the candidate is legally permitted to perform the job functions in the relevant jurisdiction. Employers must be aware of the regulatory bodies governing these certifications. Keep in mind that this aspect is critical in negligent hiring lawsuits.

Lastly, keep in mind that having a standardized pre-employment screening procedure is important regardless of the candidate’s country of origin. Professional employment background check investigations can boost your success by creating a safer hiring process. Maintaining consistency ensures fairness and equality in the hiring process, as every candidate undergoes the same rigorous checks, which helps in maintaining a level playing field and reduces biases.

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