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A Guide to International Employment Screenings and Identity Verification

A Guide to International Employment Screenings and Identity Verification

International employment screenings and identity verifications ought to be considered as mandatory in every international hiring process. Compliance with the laws is important for employers, but it should not be the only reason to hire international employment screenings. The safety of the business is closely related to this factor, given that the people that join a company’s team will have access to the business’s resources, sensitive information, and of course to other employees. Being proactive enough to verify before hiring will benefit the employer by incorporating the best talent to their teams, not only in terms of experience and knowledge, but also people that can be trusted with the valuable assets, information and resources that every organization holds.


How to get started?

International background checks can be overwhelming for recruiting and hiring managers for several reasons, who are not private investigators, and often not even in the same country.  Every country handles data in a different way, and in order to access a person’s information not only do you need to know where to search (which office/government agency), but you also need to know the procedures to request information, the language, the laws, etc. For example, some countries like the U.K. have very strict privacy laws. Specific procedures need to be followed to access personal data in the U.K. Many other countries require a personal visit to the government offices in order to verify records, and it can’t be done online.

So how to get through this if you don’t have the resources to take care of it? The answer is simple: hire an international investigation firm that can offer the service in the countries and regions where you need it.

What should a thorough screening include?

A thorough employment screening should include identity verification (checking birth records, verifying ID sample authenticity), verifying education claims, employment history, searching for criminal and court records, and checking references. All of this will have to be done locally by contacting the proper authorities, the previous employers and the schools the subject has attended. Only a professional with experience and access to such information will be able to consistently provide the results you need. The know-how of the private investigator is critical in the search for the information you need.

Employment screenings are especially important in countries with high rates of corruption and fraud, or where the subject will be working remotely. Do not skip this verification process under any circumstances, and make sure you hire the right professional team to help you. Hiring new talent is always a big step that requires caution.

Keep in mind that risk mitigation is an investment

Thorough investigations are not a huge expense. They represent an investment in a company’s safety, in the security of the rest of the employees, the community, and even in the reputation of the business. How safe can a business be if they unknowingly hired a criminal or a fraud with a false identity and false background?  Is the subject’s resume or credentials or passport real?  Focus on your company’s safety and reputation, but also make sure you’re hiring the best talent, and people who are properly verified.

Employers bear the responsibility of implementing a reliable screening process. Even though background check investigations are not a panacea, if done correctly and carefully, they can safeguard your company from a variety of threats. Make good use of your resources and hire a legitimate international private investigator!

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