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International Employment Screening from Real Private Investigators

International Employment Screening from Real Private Investigators

Have you ever wondered why the prices of international employment screenings range in a wide variety? As with most of the services and products, the reason is the quality and type of the service provided. Expecting high quality services for a minimum fee is not only far-fetched, but also a risky choice that could end very badly, especially in international cases.  Real investigations conducted by real investigators to truly mitigate your risk is a serious business, and not cheap.

Real private investigators make a big difference

International employment screenings conducted by trained investigators in the countries where you need them are especially critical. Not only is it important to conduct the investigation to be safe in hiring decisions, but the fact that it is international adds another level to the risks implied. It is essential to have clear evidence, to be able get information from reliable sources overseas.

Conducting an employment background check investigation is not a simple task when the person in question is from another country. Even U.S. citizens who have worked and lived outside of the United States have a hard time finding their own records when they need to apply for a job. There are many obstacles in this investigation process that only a true professional investigator can overcome.

One of the keys to be successful in the screening process is to hire a global private investigation firm that understands the process, while having expert investigators on the ground where you need them to conduct the background check investigation. Actual international private investigators have a broad perspective of both your company’s needs as well as the laws, language and organizations in the country of focus.  By hiring an international investigation firm, you can avoid the headache of trying to decipher and abide by international laws, customs, restrictions, language barriers, etc.

Be sure to contact experts in the field to determine exactly what kind of information will suit your needs. Employment background checks in a foreign country should be customized according to your needs and the resources available in the country of focus. There is a lot at stake when hiring someone new, especially internationally, and adding them to your team, so whatever a database provides in a one minute search won’t be useful. Plenty of providers out there will claim to use global databases to put together a report. But keep this in mind: there are no global databases to verify a person!

In fact, databases in most countries in the world are unreliable, they contain inaccurate or outdated information, and this can greatly impact the choice you make. That is why you need an expert to actually investigate.  Proper verification of a candidate requires real investigation, such as verifying birth records, address and credentials, ID or passport sample, criminal and court records, references, employment and education, blacklists and bankruptcy, and more.

Advices from Real International Investigators

Thousands of hiring managers each year hire a candidate who is using a false resume, fake documents or passport, or who has lied about his or her experience. International employment screenings should not be limited to executive roles or conducted only in risky countries. Background check investigations should be standard procedure regardless of the role or the location of the candidate, and although there are countries where corruption and fraud happen significantly more than in others, having candidates screened by a professional investigation company is a matter of business intelligence, due diligence and legal compliance, and keeps your company safe.

Always keep in mind that information, people and employees are the most valuable assets any company has, so speak to a real investigation company when it comes to international screening. It can make a serious difference in the results and in your risk mitigation plan.

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