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How to be Safe When Picking an International Boarding School

The demands of modern life often require people to travel frequently for work, especially those who have executive positions within multinational companies and military members. Many of them have families to take care of, and children are forced to move around the world with their parents. For many of these parents the best option is […]

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Hire Right Internationally with Less Risk Using Private Investigators

As a new year starts, companies begin with the implementation of their business plans to grow and continue on the success path when things are going well. These plans usually include expansion, relocating resources, new business deals, and to support all of this hiring new talent is necessary. This is why January and February are […]

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How to Defend Your Company from International Bad Hires

Foreign nationals constitute a growing proportion of certain job markets, for example the information technology market. Most companies are focusing their efforts in finding the right talent, no matter where people live or where they come from. In our current context the location is irrelevant because technology allows people to work from almost anywhere.  Finding […]

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How to Properly Lower Risks in the International Hiring Process

Employment background checks are a necessary step in every hiring process nowadays. According to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, up to 95% of employers require candidates to undergo some type of background check during the hiring process -even current employees are now being screened periodically-. The fact is that employers have understood that […]

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Discrepancies in Job Applications Call for More Background Checks

The employment market is getting tougher for employment seekers and for employers as well. Most countries in the world have unprecedented unemployment rates, and many of these unemployed people are professionals who have invested a great deal of time, effort and money in education for a job, and yet they still can’t find one. The […]

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Employment Screenings Need a Wide and Professional Scope

International employment background checks should be considered by employers more than a mandatory requirement. There are companies that hire international employment screenings just to comply with the national laws, but they are not really aware of how important it is for the safety of their business to hire a professional and thorough investigation. It is […]

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