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International Hiring Pushes Demand for Background Checks

The job market is volatile, and it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the substantial changes and trends that affect recruiters, employers, and jobseekers. The last two years have brought many challenges thanks largely to the pandemic and the ineffective and costly measures taken by governments. Mandatory remote work due to lockdowns […]

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International Employment Background Checks Uncover Fake Resumes

Some people may think that recession is not the best time to talk about employment background checks, given the reduced employment opportunities available worldwide. The economy is contracting everywhere due to an unexpected agent: Covid-19. This situation has changed the business growth and recruiting plans of almost every company in the world. While many have […]

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6 Reasons to Conduct Background Checks on International Hires

Every time a business has a new vacancy, there is added stress around having to replace or fill the new position. Sometimes the employer feels they will never find someone as good as the employee who just left, or that the new role won’t be able to be filled by the right person.  When all […]

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How to Defend Your Company from International Bad Hires

Foreign nationals constitute a growing proportion of certain job markets, for example the information technology market. Most companies are focusing their efforts in finding the right talent, no matter where people live or where they come from. In our current context the location is irrelevant because technology allows people to work from almost anywhere.  Finding […]

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How to Properly Lower Risks in the International Hiring Process

Employment background checks are a necessary step in every hiring process nowadays. According to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, up to 95% of employers require candidates to undergo some type of background check during the hiring process -even current employees are now being screened periodically-. The fact is that employers have understood that […]

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Employment Screenings Need a Wide and Professional Scope

International employment background checks should be considered by employers more than a mandatory requirement. There are companies that hire international employment screenings just to comply with the national laws, but they are not really aware of how important it is for the safety of their business to hire a professional and thorough investigation. It is […]

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