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International Employment Background Checks Uncover Fake Resumes

International Employment Background Checks Uncover Fake Resumes

Some people may think that recession is not the best time to talk about employment background checks, given the reduced employment opportunities available worldwide. The economy is contracting everywhere due to an unexpected agent: Covid-19. This situation has changed the business growth and recruiting plans of almost every company in the world. While many have had to let people go, at least temporarily, other companies have had to rush with hiring new talent in order to meet the growing needs of its customers. What is certain is that the employment market has drastically changed from one day to another, human resources are moving from one industry to another, and with scarce opportunities comes an old enemy of employers: fake resumes and employment fraud.

Crises are good times to reorganize resources and to establish new routes. If our company has slowed down due to the recession, it is time to plan for the moment when the global economy bounces back. In this plan, risk mitigation protocols and procedures are key, and that is where employment background check investigations would fit in. If on the contrary, if your company is experiencing an accelerated growth, there might not be a lot of time to plan, but the important things cannot be left out: properly verifying employment applicants is essential in a recession, not an option.

Employment screenings are more important than ever

The competition for a job opening in our current situation is fierce. This can push a lot of unemployed people to lie on their resumes in order to increase their chances of landing the position. Some applicants might add or delete minor details to benefit their CV, but the biggest problem that employers face is with those who steal someone’s identity, or those whose fake claims can put other people or the company in danger. Imagine what could happen if we skipped employment screenings with health professionals! Would we put patients in the care of a fake certified nurse? Of course not.

Professional investigations are more important than ever

For international hiring cases, the contribution of international private investigators is crucial. For one part, employers had never been so open to remote work. This means that for the time being and the near future, employers will be hiring people regardless of where they are. This trend may stay for long, as employers now understand how to manage remote work and know the financial benefits of remaining under this model. With remote work also comes a greater risk of fake resumes, especially in international hiring. Being thousands of miles away and in another country can give scammers a head start, so it is important to rely on professional investigators to minimize your risk.

Another reason why international employment screenings are vital in the current landscape is that verifying an applicant has never been harder, even for professional investigators on the ground! It’s becoming increasingly difficult to verify and obtain records at government agencies, schools, and companies when so many have closed or are at home and not at their usual office or address. But amid this chaos, private investigators can find creative ways to obtain the evidence you need.

Fraudsters will always be there, but it’s our responsibility to keep them away

Identity thieves and people with fake resumes will always try their best to land a job, especially a good position. It is the joint work of human resources and experienced private investigators to protect companies. During a crisis and after things go back to normal, international employment screenings are the best way to uncover the truth and make sure you’re hiring only the best talent.

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