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Employment Background Checks Help Verify Seasonal Hires

Employment Background Checks Help Verify Seasonal Hires

Employment background check investigations are often overseen when hiring for seasonal job positions, as many employers believe it’s not a worthy investment. However, seasonal employees have access to most of the same company resources that regular employees use, and they speak for the company just as much as regular employees do. Even the employee with the least amount of responsibility can cause serious harm if they are not right for your company or have a history of fraud or theft. The risks when hiring seasonal vs permanent employees are the same, and the chances of making a bad hire can only increase if employers skip the proper professional employment screening process.

Holiday seasons increase the demand for seasonal workers across the world. Today’s labor market relies heavily on temporary and part-time positions filled by independent contractors and freelancers rather than full-time permanent employees. Gig economy companies have spent decades developing platforms that enable businesses to create temporary workforces during periods of high demand, and in this way share workloads and provide services without going through a traditional employee hiring process. Regardless of the industry, temporary workers are critical for businesses during the holiday season.

During this season, human resources and recruiting departments are under pressure to fill job openings as quickly as possible. Many organizations have decided to keep remote work as a standard to speed up operations, but it is critical not to overlook safety! It takes time to ensure that the candidates are the best fit, and it’s better to verify all necessary information before going all in on a candidate who could jeopardize the company’s reputation.

The good news is that staffing agencies and recruiters do not need to worry about going through the whole process on their own. A professional private investigation company can take care of the employment screening process and help your company protect its staff, clients, and reputation.  Trained investigators uncover evidence so you can make an informed decision based on facts, and avoid making a very bad hire.

It is also important to keep in mind that conducting rigorous background checks even for temporary job positions is critical when employing international candidates. Having investigators with international presence in the countries where you are hiring ensures proper risk mitigation and due diligence.  Verifying a person in a foreign country is not possible without trained investigators in the country where the subject is located.

Thorough employment investigations are not prohibitively expensive, and they cannot be replaced by a generic database search. When conducted by trained investigators, employment background check investigations represent an investment in the safety of a company, the security of the rest of the employees, the community, and the business’s reputation, and this should not change due to the rush of the holiday season. Hiring smart leads to long-term success and profits.  The current job market requires many employers to make changes, such as being more flexible about remote hiring, work schedules, and candidate locations, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon due diligence.

Contact us if you’re hiring new people for your seasonal or permanent positions.  We can help you get through the vetting process without making a costly mistake.

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