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Database Searches Based on Name Matching Are a Great Risk

Database Searches Based on Name Matching Are a Great Risk

Background check reporting has a tremendous impact in people’s personal lives and in business and employment related decisions. The information that a background service provider reports is used to make informed decisions, which is why the process cannot be taken lightly and why hiring professional employment screening services is crucial.

There has been a lot of controversy recently regarding companies who have denied a service or an employment opportunity to people based on wrong information. The whole point of conducting background checks is to obtain reliable evidence that supports the decisions a company makes, but it seems like some businesses just care about putting a check in their to do list. Database searches based on name matching cannot replace a thorough screening process conducted by professionals, and by no means represent reliable or accurate data, especially considering those searches that only rely on a name.

Most of the misinformation that these database companies report originates in a simple fact: there is no one analyzing the information, crossing data from different sources and verifying the information obtained is reliable and corresponds to the right person. The result of searching a name in any public or private database is useless. Without a date of birth, it is nearly impossible to confirm the information belongs to the person in question. In the case of international background checks, national identification numbers are required in many cases to verify the data retrieved matches the subject. Skipping steps and saving pennies is not a good idea in this context, and it can be a very costly mistake.

Database searches may seem like a useful service for those who want to screen potential employees or tenants and get instant results. However, as it turns out, these services have a long history of providing inaccurate information, resulting in innocent people being unable to find work, housing, or being banned from services like a simple Uber ride.

Most of us would agree it is bad enough to deny people of an opportunity because a provider reported wrong information, but the problem goes even further. The consequences a company can face for this mistake can be catastrophic. Reporting inaccurate criminal record information on background checks has costed millions of dollars in class action lawsuits and can bring a business to bankruptcy. There may also be other legal consequences besides the financial losses, which is why it is of great importance to choose your background check provider or professional investigation company wisely, and make sure they conduct a thorough investigation that highlights the risks and reports with transparency the data that official sources keep in their records.

Thorough professional screening processes conducted by actual investigators take more time and require more resources, but they represent a safer and fairer approach. The chances of making a mistake decrease when a professional private investigator is searching, comparing, and analyzing the data, supervising the process to make sure the information obtained belongs to the right subject and comes from the right sources, and delivering a well-studied report with the findings from official sources.

Investing in a thorough screening process is a good investment and it will keep your safe and protect your brand.  Contact us today for a free and confidential quote.

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