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Human Error and Poor Screening Are Harming Corporations

One of the greatest concerns of corporate executives these days is security. International private investigators have been first hand witnesses that scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but not exactly in the way many people think. Criminals are more aware than ever that the security fails are more often and likely to happen in the human […]

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Results of Background Check Investigation on Donald Trump

In U.S. and most other countries, there is no requirement to pass a background check investigation for the most important job in the country, the job of being the next president!  Barack Hussein Obama never passed one, and if Donald Trump gets elected, he won’t be required to either.  Obama’s father was a Muslim from […]

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Why Database Searches Do Not Compare to Real Investigations

Many reputable private investigation and background check investigation companies often hear people asking to fulfill their employment screening processes with background check packages or “searches”.  The truth is, relying on generic database searches or public records websites to verify individuals is simply not possible, and a very reckless approach to risk management.  In most cases, […]

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