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International Investment Fraud Cases and the Bitcoin Connection

International investment fraud has been exacerbated since the appearance of cryptocurrencies. With no regulations, control or bank as a middleman, fraudsters have an easier way to move funds around and hide their tracks.  Moving funds without detection or personal data is golden for criminals. It is surprising that in a world full of fraud, some […]

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How to Avoid Fraudulent Companies and Reduce Risk in a Startup

Not everyone is willing to take the risk of investing in a startup, but surely it can be a profitable venture when done successfully.  All of today’s giant companies such as Microsoft, General Electric, Walmart and Boeing all started out as small entrepreneurships, with little chance of success.  The owners and investors took a big […]

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Emerging Threats for International Businesses

Global and international directors know what a struggle it is with expansion and business development while trying to make sure all the risks of getting involved in new business are taken care of. International businesses have never been easy, and although countries work hard to simplify procedures and paperwork, fraudsters also work hard to get […]

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Results of Background Check Investigation on Donald Trump

In U.S. and most other countries, there is no requirement to pass a background check investigation for the most important job in the country, the job of being the next president!  Barack Hussein Obama never passed one, and if Donald Trump gets elected, he won’t be required to either.  Obama’s father was a Muslim from […]

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International Private Investigator Wymoo – Global Coverage

For an increasing amount of people and companies today, it is extremely important to be able to count on firms that can provide services on a global scale. And of course there is a reason why. Business and personal relationships have no country boundaries nowadays. Large scale and medium sized companies, franchises, and even small […]

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How to Avoid International Investment Scams

No one wants to have a bad experience with an investment. It is not just a simple loss, like when you lose your wallet on the way to work. An investment usually involves many years of effort and hard work that allowed you some earnings, or enough stability in your business to get to the […]

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