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International Investment Fraud Cases and the Bitcoin Connection

International investment fraud has been exacerbated since the appearance of cryptocurrencies. With no regulations, control or bank as a middleman, fraudsters have an easier way to move funds around and hide their tracks.  Moving funds without detection or personal data is golden for criminals. It is surprising that in a world full of fraud, some […]

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How to Avoid Bitcoin Fraud with International Private Investigators

Bitcoin has become one of the preferred currencies for some investors and business people, but unfortunately it is also popular among criminals and scammers. The appeals to use bitcoin are several: it has reached billions of dollars in market capitalization, it is hardly regularized, is very discreet, and in some countries is not subject to […]

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Bitcoin Scams Targeting Investors: How to Verify and Avoid Fraud

Cryptocurrencies are lightly regulated and can be complicated and confusing even for experienced investors. As an investment, cryptocurrencies offer new and attractive opportunities, but not without a serious risk.  The lack of regulation also makes it a perfect currency for scammers and criminals. Bitcoin started circulating in 2009 and it´s considered the leading digital currency. […]

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