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International Private Investigator Wymoo – Global Coverage

International Private Investigator Wymoo  – Global Coverage

For an increasing amount of people and companies today, it is extremely important to be able to count on firms that can provide services on a global scale. And of course there is a reason why. Business and personal relationships have no country boundaries nowadays. Large scale and medium sized companies, franchises, and even small businesses have to deal very frequently with providers from other parts of the world, especially those where big manufacturers are located. Business partners today often are located in high risk countries such as China, India, Russia, Malaysia and other developing countries. Many developing countries export their products and services to other countries, where the buyer or partner is on the other side of the world. This global business makes risk mitigation practices like company background checks and due diligence more important every day.

Why hire a global company?

Consistency. When new business clients come to Wymoo International seeking a global private investigation firm to cover their international background check needs for recruiting or due diligence process for new business deals, they are expecting a company that can provide quality investigation and professional services, but they are also looking for consistency in their hiring procedures or in their new business development. It is very important to have efficient and standardized risk mitigation protocols to ensure people and companies are properly verified.

Experience and professional service. It is important for companies that have international business relations to be able to rely on the experience of a global firm. Local providers may understand how things work on a local level, but there are important international laws, agreements and treaties that need to be taken into consideration. For U.S. companies, for example, it is necessary to hire a company that understands about FCPA compliance and how this affects their business.  In foreign countries, the legal questions are more complicated.

Quality of the information. Global companies have a reputation to care for all around the world. The quality of the service that any company provides speaks for itself, so maintaining a good quality of work and a professional service is essential and another reason why your investigation experience will more likely be better than using a local provider you do not know and cannot verify anywhere. Look for accreditations that give support to the legitimacy of the company and the quality of their work, like the Better Business Bureau seal or others that certify good practices. Wymoo® has an A+ Rating with the BBB, and is verified by Truste and McAfee, and has many positive reviews. In private investigation and due diligence, having accurate information and solid evidence is key!  A bad hire or bad business decision can be costly!

Investigation Know-How. A global firm like Wymoo International has professional private investigators working on the ground to get the information and evidence you need. Having someone who is not a professional or who does not have proper investigation training will result in inaccurate information and poor decision making, not to mention a waste of time and money. Proper verification of individuals and companies around the globe requires skilled investigators with access to local information and evidence. Because all Wymoo investigators have a proven track record in military and/or law enforcement, clients can sleep easy at night, knowing they have reliable evidence and information.

In summary, global coverage is important, but it is more important to know that you can rely on a company that will give quality and professional results. Don’t be fooled by a database or public records search website offering cheap and worthless reports generated by a computer. Ask yourself if searching public records in Brazil, China or Russia, India or Malaysia is even possible? Ask yourself how a database or computer will be able to verify the reputation and physical operations of a business in the Ukraine. The fact is, there is no replacement for professional private investigators when it comes to proper risk mitigation and real background check investigations. In international relationships, the risk is at the highest level, so be sure to deal with a company with real investigators.  Don’t try to play private investigator and attempt to verify a person or company on the other side of the globe.  Speak to a professional on the ground where you need him, who speaks the language and has access to local information.

Dealing with a new business partner in a foreign country? Have you recently met someone on the Internet you’re not sure about? Concerned about online dating scams and fraud risk? Are you hiring overseas? Trying to determine if an international investment is safe? Need surveillance, property records, asset search, private investigation, comprehensive background checks or due diligence?

Wymoo has highly trained investigators on the ground in over 100 countries.  Our entire team has professional training and come from backgrounds in law enforcement or military.  If you’re serious about verifying individuals and companies, and lowering your risk, we can help!

Contact us today for a discreet and confidential investigation quote.

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