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Wymoo Investigators Report Growth in International Background Checks

Wymoo Investigators Report Growth in International Background Checks

An international background check is a very effective tool to remain safe and reduce serious risks, whether in a personal relationship or a business deal. Wymoo international investigators have been helping individuals and corporations for over twelve years with their investigation needs, and as time goes by, more people are understanding the importance of proper verification.

“The growth in the demand for professional background check investigations is not a coincidence but a realization of how evidence is key to helping people and companies stay safe,” says John Wallace, Director of Background Checks at Wymoo International. People have come to understand that the internet and globalization have contributed to increase the levels of fraud and crime rates. There are thousands of tools available to criminals and those who wish to be deceptive or create a false profile or resume.   Criminals have countless resources available to them when it comes to defrauding a company, creating a fake CV and identifications to match, and so on.  Online dating and social media is totally infiltrated with fake profiles and online criminals conducting romance scam.  From creating a fake profiles like romance scammers do, to forging documents, or creating fake websites and content for a non-existent business, criminals actively target millions of potential victims.

Background check investigations became very popular in the United States and other developed countries as a professional tool for employers to hire safely overseas or internationally.  Experts warn consumers not to get confused with a $9.99 “background check” versus a professional background check investigation conducted by trained international investigators.  The two services are a world apart, and you get what you pay for.  Nothing in this world is free, and for those looking for real risk mitigation when verifying companies or individuals from a foreign country, expect to pay a realistic price.  Today, the need for real background check investigations has extended to many other uses, like dating background check investigations or to very comprehensive international due diligence cases. Background check investigations and due diligence are becoming more common with investors and business people who need to get the facts and evidence to minimize their risk. 

For companies who want to make sure their candidates are fact the best, there is no better choice than a reputable private investigator. The need for a background check investigation has not only expanded to serve different personal and business needs, it has also grown beyond the limits of a country or region.  International relationships are most susceptible to fraud and manipulation, and these cases are also the most difficult to verify.  Only trained international investigators in the country or countries where you need them, with access to local records and evidence, who speak the language can help.

Currently, Wymoo International serves clients in countries around the world, many of whom need evidence from more than one country for the same case. In this regard, Wallace comments “databases became obsolete because there is no way to keep up with information on a global scale, and today’s relationships are global.  In developing countries, databases are often non-existent, and only a very small part of a proper and complete investigation.”  An American man meets a Ukrainian woman online, who lives in Russia but is temporarily working in Turkey. A British investor needs to verify a business that is registered in Canada but has operations in Africa and the Middle East. An Australian employer is in need for an international employment screening for a high ranking position in his company because the candidate has worked for organizations in the United States, Europe, Japan and China. This is what happens today and there is no database that can help.  Big violators of privacy and data brokers such as LexisNexis are of no use when it comes to actual international investigations.

International background check investigations, conducted by professionals on a local level, will continue to grow. For Wymoo International having investigators on the ground in so many countries has been the key to success, as the company is a leader in full service international investigation.   From surveillance, to asset searches, criminal cases, due diligence to dating background checks, we can help.

The more people understand that professional background checks are an efficient way to mitigate risks, the greater the demand will be.  Protect your business, protect your information and reputation.  Don’t be a victim of fraud or scam.  Contact us today for a free investigation quote.

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