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Redefining Employment Background Check Investigations

Redefining Employment Background Check Investigations

Background check investigations have been part of the recruitment process for quite a while now. Having potential candidates verified is a standard procedure not only in the U.S., but also in many other countries around the world. However, just like business rules change, the employment market evolves and so must evolve the employment screening procedures.  The word background check is commonly misunderstood, especially among Human Resource professionals.

“We have insisted along the last few years that employment screening is no longer a one-time need, but rather an ongoing process”, says Paul Fletcher, VP of Due Diligence at Wymoo International.   One of most reckless misconceptions in the industry is that many people think checking criminal records is a background check investigation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Real background check investigations are precisely that – investigations.   Checking criminal records alone is not an effective tool to properly minimize a company’s risk, especially in international hiring.  Checking criminal and court records is only a very small part of a proper background check investigation.  Employment background checks at Wymoo®, for example, include verification of ID or passport, address and birth records, employment and education history verification, immigration records, reputation and references, fraud screening and more.  It is true  risk mitigation designed to protect clients from bad business decisions and bad hires.  In short, clients get what they pay for.

One of the prominent changes that expert private investigators have seen in the employment background check market is that companies are inquiring more about ongoing  screening. An important percentage of organizations are requiring background checks for their employees -not just for candidates- even though they had gone through the process when hired. The reason is simple. Every day, employers need to know and have a better understanding of the people they employ.

Post hire monitoring is a powerful tool for employers to asses if any critical information was missed during the hiring process, or if there any new facts that could affect the company. The implementation of periodic background check programs for employees is a substantial aid in the risk mitigation strategy, especially when we consider that many of the risks that companies face originate in current employees.   Checking criminal records only identifies a small part of the actual criminals and people committing fraud or fabricating a resume.  Real investigations go far beyond this.

Just to name a few examples, embezzlement, fraud and confidential data leaks start from within a company, and most of the time the employee responsible for such things had a history or had shown evident signs, which could have prevented. Not to mention the cases of employees who have shown violent behaviors outside of work, would could eventually bring them to the workplace.

It has taken international private investigators a long time to educate employers on the differences between a professional background check and a database search. Perhaps failures in past screenings have led many employers to understand that a simple database search is not an effective way to screen someone. The current world context requires deeper and more thorough investigations that include the traditional criminal records, but also independent reference checks, ID and document verification, employment and education history, address and DOB, travel records, public and media records, and fraud screening by trained investigators to identify red flags.

Professional investigators contribute much more evidence and relevant insights than any database can. The experience, professionalism and know-how of an investigator are critical in the search for information, and none of these capabilities can be replaced by an automatic system.

In international hiring and international business, relying on databases alone is negligent and dangerous.  Many developing countries do not have fully computerized records, and obtaining evidence requires a trained investigator on the ground who speaks the language and has access to local and government records in that country.  Without this, your company is at risk.

In countries like India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Colombia, South Africa, Romania and so many others, the only way to properly verify a person is with a real investigator.

While real background check investigations can be more expensive, the amount saved from smarter hiring and investing decisions is cheaper in the long run.  Ask yourself, why do you pay someone in a cubicle with no investigation experience to try to verify someone in another country?  Are they really minimizing your risk?  More companies are making the change.

Employment screening in a global economy with global hires is a complicated process.  To avoid a costly mistake and to make more informed decisions, contact us for a free quote.

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