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Romance Scam Victims are the New Money Mules

Crime used to be an activity in which people voluntarily participated. If you were involved in crime, most of the time it was because you decided to do so despite the risks and the consequences. However, law-abiding citizens are currently being entangled in money laundering schemes without them being aware of what is really going […]

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Investigators See Rise in Yemen Soldier Scam Cases

The cases of military fraud are not new. For a long time, scammers all over the world have been using the identities of real military members as well as real crisis to deceive innocent people. Yemen is not an exception, and international private investigators are urging people to be extremely cautious when meeting people online […]

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Turkey Investigators Warn About the Risk for Dating Scams

Turkey is a country with dazzling monuments and landscapes that do not fail to impress. People from all over the world feel attracted to its culture and architecture, but mainly to its people. Thousands of foreign men and women are caught by the charms of the Turkish, so be careful! Unfortunately, private investigators in Turkey […]

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Valentine’s Day Triggers Online Romance Fraud

Do not friend or connect with a scammer this Valentine’s Day! International private investigation companies advise that even though looking for love online can be fun, it can also lead to heartbreak and bankruptcy, as scammers look to exploit vulnerable people around Valentine’s Day. The romance scam industry works in many ways like other industries, […]

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How to Verify Your Online Romance on Match.com and Plenty of Fish

Have you ever wondered how many of the profiles that you stumble upon on Match.com and POF are real? It is hard to consider online dating as an option when romance scams thrive in these kinds of platforms. Although it is getting harder every day to identify the fraudsters from the real honest people, there […]

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Dubai Romance Scams: How to Stay Safe and Verify in the UAE

The first thing that Dubai brings to mind is luxury and wealth, an oasis in the desert, not necessarily romance scams and investment fraud. Everyone pictures Dubai as a city that only a few can afford, however Dubai is also home to an increasing amount of romance scammers.  Many immigrants lacking formal education and training […]

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