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The Tinder Risk and Lesson Learned: Verify Everyone You Meet Online

The Tinder Risk and Lesson Learned: Verify Everyone You Meet Online

The Tinder Swindler series is now among the popular documentaries, opening the debate over the true intentions of people in dating websites and apps. For years, Wymoo International private investigators and authorities have been putting out the alert: check and verify everyone you meet, don’t trust a profile. However, the victims of romance fraud continue to increase year after year despite the warnings, probably fueled by the thought that it happens to others who were naïve or careless to ignore the red flags.

There will always be those who think a dating background check investigation is unnecessary and on the paranoid side. But the victims of romance scams have lived in the flesh how good scammers can be in their manipulation techniques. They know for a fact that the only thing people need to fall prey is empathy.

Scammers nowadays are very sophisticated and red flags are not always present. They work with other people that help for a cut in their profits and have many resources to create whole fairy tales around them. With every new victim comes more money to grow the business, and an arrest and prosecution are often not enough to stop them.

According to a recent article, before targeting the women in the documentary, the Tinder swindler had spent two years in a Finnish prison for defrauding multiple women. He was then caught for using a fake passport in Greece in 2019 and was extradited to Israel and sentenced to fifteen months in prison for theft, fraud, and forgery of documents. Spending time in prison didn’t stop him once, and this story repeats itself along thousands of fraudsters everywhere in the world (most are never caught).

So what is the real lesson, and the real solution to stop these scammers? Cut their profits! Dating platforms and social media sites do not have the resources to screen every profile or to check every claim of every user. It is impossible. But as a user of a dating app, you can watch out for yourself and make sure you do have reliable evidence of whether the person you met is being true and honest or just another scammer.

Hiring a background check investigation from a reputable investigation company is a wise way to verify the identity and background of the people you meet. Today’s world does not leave any room for guesses, so the best is to have evidence before taking any important steps forward, like sending money or sharing personal information.

Governments have tried to keep pace with scammers, but unfortunately most solutions come in too late or are insufficient. New York’s state Senate passed legislation this week that would require financial institutions to warn customers about potential romantic scams, but the best way to stay safe is still to trust nothing but hard evidence.

Hire a professional private investigator to conduct a thorough background check before taking any steps you might regret!  Contact us today for a free quote.

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