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International Employment Screening: What Employers Need to Know

International Employment Screening: What Employers Need to Know

Employment background checks have become one of the most effective methods to mitigate risk and ensure successful hiring processes. However, things have shifted a little with time, and every day private investigations for employment purposes get more and more complex.  When investigations are done at the international level, it is essential to use a reputable private investigation firm with investigators on the ground where you need them to avoid making a costly mistake.

In the old times, checking for criminal records used to be enough. But in the past few years we have seen all kinds of issues with employees, ranging from fraudulent résumés to serious corruption cases like bribery, and the extent of these cases is not conditioned by roles or how high in the company´s hierarchy this person might be.  Checking criminal and court records is not a background check investigation, and not a way to verify if a person is who he or she claims to be.

When the person you need to verify resides or has history in foreign countries, verification becomes quite difficult.  It is up to a trained investigator with contacts in the country, with access to local records and government agencies, and who has experience with laws and evidence gathering in that specific country to screen the case for fraud and uncover the evidence you need.  After all, most criminals don’t have criminal records.  Real investigators  screen each case for fraud and identity risk.

The statistics concerning résumé fraud are grim. Surveys suggest that more than 40 percent of all job seekers submit applications and résumés that contain intentionally misleading information. The misrepresentation involves work experience, criminal history, inflated past salaries and education credentials.  Résumé fraud in job applicants is no longer about little white lies, it has been replaced by high-end scams that could represent important threats to a company.  The unemployment crisis in many countries has triggered the situation because people exaggerate their experience or education.  The fact is, hiring a fraud or someone who has lied about their background is a serious risk.  It happens every day.  When hiring or doing business internationally, the risk is 3 TIMES greater.

“When you see that the false resumes and CVs becoming an endemic problem, as we have noticed in the majority of countries where we operate, that creates an environment where professional verification and due diligence is critical to investment and hiring success”, says John Wallace, Director of International Background Checks  and Employment Screening at Wymoo International.

Franchises, multinational companies and even local companies cannot afford to ignore the risk.  In the long run, not screening applicants properly can run a company into the ground.

Human resources managers and recruiters need to change their mindsets into what is really going to be useful these days. For most part, databases are obsolete and cannot replace the information a real investigation can provide. Thorough investigations on potential candidates are crucial, especially when the role you are hiring for is a key role within the company, with great responsibilities, and even more important when the verification needs to be done on a foreign country, with a different language and different laws. Missing out on evidence is a big mistake that few can afford.

Criminals are now developing better strategies to be successful with their own businesses too, and insiders work very well. This fact is turning background checks and international due diligence more into continuous processes than something done only before hiring.  Inside threats may come from employees, contractors, and any business contact. Data is one of the most valuable assets nowadays, so getting in means hitting the jackpot!  Be careful about who you bring in.

How well companies verify prospective hires is important, and so is choosing the right investigator.  Preventing harm and lowering the risks is a new reality that can’t be overlooked these days, and the best way to delegate the job is to hire a professional international investigator.

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