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Why the U.S. Government Can’t Screen Syrian Refugees

Syria is in the spotlight right now not only because of the civil war that is affecting their country, but also because of the impact that this problem has had around the world.  Mixed in with real refugees are real Muslim terrorists that have one objective, to destroy the culture and freedoms of the United […]

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Why Database Searches Do Not Compare to Real Investigations

Many reputable private investigation and background check investigation companies often hear people asking to fulfill their employment screening processes with background check packages or “searches”.  The truth is, relying on generic database searches or public records websites to verify individuals is simply not possible, and a very reckless approach to risk management.  In most cases, […]

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Oklahoma Beheading Shows Need for Better Background Checks

The recent brutal and horrific attack in Oklahoma is yet another graphic example of why proper verification and background check investigations are so important. Never before has the risk been greater for large and small companies alike who hire an unknown individual to join their team. Be clear, it is no longer just a question […]

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How to Conduct an International Background Check

There are a variety of reasons to conduct an international background check. Businesses get them when hiring new employees as part of due diligence, to lower their risk for fraud, scams and misrepresentation. Many lawyers complete them during litigation to help back their side or negate their opponent. And then there are a variety of […]

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