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Strategic International Recruiting: The Best Practices to Hire in 2023

Strategic International Recruiting: The Best Practices to Hire in 2023

Recruiting in the current global context can be a challenging process.  Hiring is slowing down globally under economic uncertainties, rising interest rates, record sovereign debt, high inflation, corrupt governments and low consumer confidence.  Employers who still need to hire are now in a difficult position to minimize expenses and to find the right candidate, and in the process, are often finding candidates overseas.  Employers need to set up a recruiting strategy that supports the company goals while remaining attractive for the employment candidates.

The following are some of the best tips that recruiting expert partners and our international private investigation team put together to help companies achieve strategic recruiting.

Clearly define the role and responsibilities:

Clearly define the role and responsibilities of the position you are hiring for. This will help you attract candidates who are a good fit for the role and minimize misunderstandings during the hiring process.  Especially true in international hires, make your posting clearly define what you are looking for, and what you are not looking for to avoid any miscommunication.

Use a thorough recruitment process:

Adopt a thorough recruitment process that includes sourcing candidates, screening resumes, conducting multiple interviews, and checking references. The more steps you skip, the more flaws your recruiting strategy will have, and the more at risk your company will be.

Hire expert private investigators for your background checks:

A recruiting process is incomplete without a professional employment screening conducted by trained investigators who can verify the candidate´s experience, education, criminal records, background, credentials, ID or passport, references and reputation. Nice resumes are not enough, employers require evidence to make informed decisions about hiring the best.  For international hires, the risk for fraud and false credentials is greater than ever, so a proper background check investigation from an international investigation company is critical to success.

Cultural fit is important in a global job market:

Hiring for cultural fit is important, especially for executive positions and hiring internationally. Assess whether the candidate’s values and working style align with the company’s culture.

Verify relevant experience with previous employers:

Look for relevant experience and a track record of success in similar roles. Consider the candidate’s achievements, skills, and how they have demonstrated leadership abilities in the past. Having a third-party and independent investigation company handle this to ensure the process is unbiased and verified correctly with previous employers or relevant references.

Many positions nowadays require strong interpersonal and communication skills. Consider the person’s ability to communicate, lead, and collaborate effectively with others.

Offer competitive compensation and benefits:
Keep in mind that the job market has expanded for everyone and hiring internationally has become mainstream. Offer a competitive salary considering the local context of the candidate, but also the global landscape of work. Remember that this is one of the top considerations to attract and retain top talent, so be prepared to offer a competitive compensation.

Recruiting process does not end when the contract is signed:

By the time a candidate gets hired, a lot of effort and money have been invested in the process. It is not fair to lose a potentially great team member because nobody guided them in their first steps in the company. Provide a thorough onboarding process to help the new hires get acclimated to the company culture, processes, and stakeholders and their new position.

By following these best practices, companies can increase their chances of attracting, hiring and retaining the right people. Contact us for help with professional screening!

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