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Need to Hire an International Private Investigator? Read this Advisory!

Need to Hire an International Private Investigator?  Read this Advisory!

There are many reasons why at a given moment you might need an international private investigator. The world itself is becoming more international and global, so many businesses and individuals today have an international background or presence.  Individuals and companies hire private investigators with international experience for personal investigations related to romance cases, like those who need an international dating background check to verify someone they met online, or surveillance services to find evidence of an infidelity overseas, due diligence to verify a foreign investment, or an international background check investigation to verify  a person or company overseas.  Clients also seek international private investigators to conduct employment background check investigation on candidates who have international work experience or come from a foreign country.  Whether its verifying a person or company abroad or findings missing persons or hidden assets, the reasons are endless.

However, the world of international private investigations is complex.  Most people think of the phrase “background check” as checking criminal records, which is not a background check investigation, and does very little or nothing to verify an individual.  Real background check investigations are real investigations conducted by real private investigators.  For international cases, the risk for fraud and scams is much higher, so only highly trained investigators with offices or investigators on the ground in the countries where you need them can be of any service worth paying for.

Do you need to verify a company or person overseas?  Do you need an employment background check on someone from a foreign country?  Are you considering making an investment in a business with international offices or management?  Need to verify if someone is who they claim to be?

Here are some important things to consider when choosing an international investigator.

Look for a reputable firm instead of a solo investigator

Hiring an international private investigation firm is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research to find a firm that not only meets the basic quality and security requirements, but that will also make clients feel comfortable considering the sensitive nature of most cases. Independent private investigators might be good option when you need an investigation in your same town or state, but when your investigation needs are international you will need the support of a reputable firm because you will be thousands of miles away and you probably are not familiar wit the laws and procedures in that country.

Hire a firm with investigators on the ground where you need them

It is likely that you might not know the laws, the culture or even the language in the country where you need the investigation. Therefore, you will need a professional who knows how thing are handled, who can communicate well in the native language and who can blend in with the population. Having investigators on the ground makes all the difference when conducting an investigation in China, Russia, Philippines, West Africa, Turkey, Colombia, Malaysia, Ghana, Romania, Egypt or any other country. Local investigators know where to find the evidence and the legal framework to retrieve the information. For example, where to find birth, passport, marriage and criminal records and what to do to obtain such information at the issuing authorities. When it comes to surveillance, having a local investigator on the ground is the only option.  Don’t be fooled by someone claiming to offer investigations or background checks in a foreign country who don’t even have investigators in that country.

There are websites claiming to offer background checks in many countries.  Be advised that real background check investigations can cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars.  If the price is far below that, then you know that no actual investigation is being conducted.

Global coverage is an important consideration

What happens if you need to verify someone you met online, but this person was born in Germany and is currently in Ghana, Malaysia or Nigeria? What if you need to conduct an employment background check on a candidate who has worked and studied in several countries? This is a common problem that people in the need for an international investigator encounter. Either you hire several investigators (one in each country) to get the evidence you need, or you look for a private investigation company with a global coverage. We can all agree that hiring one firm is easier, plus the quality of the investigation report will remain consistent regardless of the country or countries involved.

Discard the worthless database searches

A database search may be sometimes useful in a country like the U.S. because there are reliable and updated databases and public records. However, searching databases is not an investigation and only a small fraction of a proper verification process.  In most developing countries, searching databases is of very limited value.  Most criminals do not have a criminal record.  Searching criminal records alone is not going to lower your risk.   You cannot expect to find reliable evidence out of a database. Hire an investigation company that employs actual investigators with the training and resources who can get the evidence you need.  It is cheaper in the long run, because it keeps you and your company safe.

Real international background check investigations and international investigations in general are comprehensive and can include employment and education verification, document and ID verification, birth, marriage and criminal records, marriage records, surveillance, company records, verification of physical offices and reputation, court records, relationships, risk factors and more!

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