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International Employment Investigations Key to Verify Foreign Hires

International Employment Investigations Key to Verify Foreign Hires

Are you currently searching for foreign talent? Need to find candidates in a foreign country? Thousands of companies hire internationally nowadays because they have expanded their business to new countries and regions, or because their best options to find specialized talent are overseas.  In other cases, companies like Google and Facebook and many others outsource their positions to low paid and often incompetent or less qualified workers in India or the Philippines to save money.  No matter what the rhyme or reason, more companies are hiring internationally than ever before.

Hiring new employees is always a risky business, but when you are looking for foreign talent the risks are even greater. The problem is not only with the people.  By simple geography, it is much harder to see who you’re dealing with when hiring someone from a foreign country or different continent, with different languages, customs and business practices.  Another problem is with the verification process and how reliable is the information you might get on your own, especially if the verifications need to be done in several countries and you do not know the language, the laws or the how to find the right sources for the evidence you need.  International private investigators specialize in verifying people in foreign countries and obtaining the evidence you need to make an informed decision.

Considering today’s situation with employment fraud, corruption, fake resumes, bribery and scams, employers must be careful and look for professional assistance that can help them identify any problems with a candidate before the person is hired. In a globalized world, the consequences of a bad hire can be extremely damaging for the business, both from a reputation and financial standpoint, so investing in employment background check investigations is critical to staying safe.

International private investigators advise the following:

Understand the importance of international background check investigations

The chances of hiring the perfect fit for a position when you have only conducted interviews are very poor. Hiring the wrong person costs employers time and money, which is why human resources people are wary of employing someone unsuitable for the role. The costs involved with turnover include compensation, the cost of training, learning and development, and missed business opportunities. Consequences can go even further in the wrong direction with possible legal trouble derived from a bad action the employee might have taken while representing the company, not to mention reputation damage. There is a lot to lose if the wrong decision is made due to lack of evidence.

Real and thorough employment screenings will significantly reduce the risks associated with a bad hire. It is vital to make sure the candidate is who they claim to be, that they have the education and experience they mention in their CV, that they do not have any criminal or courts records, fake IDs or documents, and that they have positive references and history with other employers.

Know that international screenings are complicated without a professional

Most countries do not have reliable and centralized databases to be consulted. Even in the U.S., relying on a database search result alone is reckless and negligent.  Trying to figure out where to look for the information in a foreign country and how to communicate with people who speak a different language can really mess things up. To be safe, international private detectives and investigators verify all facts and information directly at the source. With a deep knowledge of the country’s institutions, they can legally verify with government agencies everything related to criminal and court records, identity verification, passport and documents, address and date of birth, and more.  Investigators also screen the case for fraud, and verify employment and education history and obtain independent references.

Contact us for a quote if you need an international investigation firm with local expertise and global coverage to take care of your international employment screenings!  We can help.

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