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Mass Surveillance Technology: More a Risk than a Safety Measure

Technology advances have not been exempted of concern, not since ancient times. Every time humanity discovers a new way to jump to the future, there has been concern of what would happen if the discovery ends up in the wrong hands. The problem is that everyday the impact of the advances is greater, and global. […]

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DuckDuckGo Remains Top Choice for Secure, Private Search Engine

With recent reports and revelations about Orwelian style government monitoring of law abiding citizens, it’s no wonder people are increasingly concerned about privacy, or what is left of it.  Companies like Google and Facebook offer their services for free, while the real cost is that everything you type, everything you do and everything you search […]

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Corporate Advertising is Killing Your Privacy

Remember when having cameras on every corner spying on people was only science fiction? Thought the classic book 1984 was too farfetched?  Remember when Google was just a search engine and not a tool for surveillance and propaganda to control the masses?  Those were good times!  Now mass surveillance is real and it isn’t entertaining […]

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