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DuckDuckGo Remains Top Choice for Secure, Private Search Engine

With recent reports and revelations about Orwelian style government monitoring of law abiding citizens, it’s no wonder people are increasingly concerned about privacy, or what is left of it.  Companies like Google and Facebook offer their services for free, while the real cost is that everything you type, everything you do and everything you search […]

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Black Boxes in Cars – Is the Government Tracking You and Your Car?

Not many Americans are aware that there is a device in their cars that stores a lot of information on them. Event Data Recorders are commonly known as black boxes, and they have been present in most cars since 2006. Originally, black boxes were designed as part of a car´s safety system to be able […]

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20 Ways to Keep Government Out of Your Business

In theory, a government’s presence is to serve and protect its citizens for the greater good.  How things have changed!  In some cases, governments do still serve and protect their people, but more often than not, governments are more interested in self preservation, special interests and power.  Corruption is now the norm.  Government is now […]

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