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Social Media Impostors Winning on Facebook and Instagram

Thousands of United States military service members have been entangled in a widespread fraud that has played out for years on social networks and dating sites. There are two sides to this fraud that has flourished on Facebook and Instagram. When scammers impersonate real American service members to cheat vulnerable and lonely women out of […]

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How to Avoid Holiday Scams during Christmas and New Years

Holidays result in millions of fraud and scam victims worldwide each year.  People get so into the holiday spirit that they put their guard down and become more vulnerable to fraud. Why? Because we all feel like being kinder, sharing more, being more trustful, etc. Being focused on these goals and our families makes people […]

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Facebook Fake Profiles and False Romance Leave Victims Broke

Have you met someone on Facebook that professes strong feelings for you? Social media platforms have become the new favorite tool for romance scammers to find their victims.  Facebook is well known for not protecting user’s privacy, and with so many users worldwide, it is impossible to verify all the users.  Although there is no […]

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DuckDuckGo Remains Top Choice for Secure, Private Search Engine

With recent reports and revelations about Orwelian style government monitoring of law abiding citizens, it’s no wonder people are increasingly concerned about privacy, or what is left of it.  Companies like Google and Facebook offer their services for free, while the real cost is that everything you type, everything you do and everything you search […]

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Facebook Romance Scams Finding More Victims, Investigators Report

For those of you who like to share your lives on the internet, and who are not overly concerned about privacy or free speech (and yes, there are over a billion out there), then chances are good you’re a Facebook user.  Many think we know what to expect when we check our Facebook. For most […]

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Tinder Dating App Posing a Serious Risk to Privacy

As smartphone usage continues to increase, dating apps have become some of the most popular all over the world.  Technology has changed people’s behavior, leaving many of the social skills to digital interaction. Social media apps keep people connect to their friends and family on a 24/7 basis, and help them make new friends even […]

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