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Google Biased Search Results? What Bias?!

Big tech companies have incredible power over the spread and filtering of information, social and political environment in the world. Not only do they have access to massive amounts of data that nobody else has, they also have the ability to manipulate information at their convenience.  Your privacy lost and constant surveillance by companies such […]

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DuckDuckGo Remains Top Choice for Secure, Private Search Engine

With recent reports and revelations about Orwelian style government monitoring of law abiding citizens, it’s no wonder people are increasingly concerned about privacy, or what is left of it.  Companies like Google and Facebook offer their services for free, while the real cost is that everything you type, everything you do and everything you search […]

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DuckDuckGo: The Safer Alternative to Online Search

When it comes to using search engines online, there are many choices to choose from.  Nevertheless, Google has feasibly had the market cornered for 15 years. The search engine giant holds a staggering 68 percent of the search engine market share in the U.S., followed by Bing at just under 19 percent. In the month […]

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