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How to Defend Your Company from International Bad Hires

How to Defend Your Company from International Bad Hires

Foreign nationals constitute a growing proportion of certain job markets, for example the information technology market. Most companies are focusing their efforts in finding the right talent, no matter where people live or where they come from. In our current context the location is irrelevant because technology allows people to work from almost anywhere.  Finding the best talent at the cheapest cost is the new game to stay competitive, and in this environment, many companies fail to protect themselves.  When speed matters, it’s important for managers to remember that a bad hire is better than no hire, and a bad hire – hiring someone who is a fraud – can be devastating to your company.

With the increasing need to hire internationally also comes increasing risks, not because there is a greater chance of bumping into bad hires, but because most recruiters and human resources specialists ignore the proper ways to vet someone in a country other than their home country.

The first line of defense: International Background Checks

Companies are going to unprecedented lengths with background checks of prospective employees. The scope of pre-employment screenings, which had been traditionally limited to senior executives, involved basic searches to verify the accuracy of the resume, the educational background and biographical data.  This scope is now getting vastly expanded. All job applicants, not just those at senior levels, are being scrutinized with a fine toothcomb and by a professional in the area.

Thorough international employment screenings are a vital step, not only to confirm your decision about a candidate that seems the perfect fit, but also to identify and prevent hiring mistakes that could potentially harm your business, employees or customers.

Find the right employment screening provider

It is easy to understand why a thorough background check can help mitigate the risks, the trick is really on how to find a proper provider for this service. A competent international investigation company should have highly trained field investigators on the ground in Russia, China, Philippines, or wherever you need them.  They speak the language, have access to local records, can obtain independent references, have contacts in local agencies, and know the local authorities and laws.  They can verify documents and passports, verify addresses, check references, verify education and employment, check birth and court records, and screen the candidates for fraud.  A professional background check is comprehensive by nature, so all of the work-related aspects that you need to confirm should be included, whether or not the candidate will be working remotely or relocating.

Keep in mind that every country has its own jurisdiction, so having a professional who understands and is knowledgeable with labor and other laws is important. The assistance of a local expert investigator will help you ensure that you are asking the right questions and implementing appropriate guidelines. Remember that regardless of the governing body, employers are still obligated to maintain a safe and positive work environment, wherever they may be.

Outsourcing international background checks to an international private investigation firm with global coverage is an efficient way to reduce the risks associated with the hiring process.  Trying to save money by doing an in-house screening can result in costly terrible consequences.

Be safe, and protect your brand.  Make sure your new hires are who they claim to be.  Contact us for an international employment screening quote if you are hiring outside of the U.S.

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