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Romania Webcams and Online Dating Scams Find More Victims

Online dating scams have a different style in every part of the world. In Romania and Eastern Europe, scammers commonly hire webcam models because it is an effective way to lure victims. Most victims of Romania scammers did not suspect anything was wrong until it was too late, mainly because every little detail has been […]

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Romania Romance Scams Increase, Say Romania Private Investigators

Thousands of people around the world have a story of online romance scam. Whether they fell for the scam or were lucky enough to discover the truth before being a victim, the truth is this is a common problem in our society. Could you ever be conned out of money by a stranger posing as […]

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Romania Romance Scams – What You Need To Know

Spotting an online dating scam is not easy nowadays. Romance scams have become part of the daily news and a trendy topic in social media, television, etc. The reason why we see alerts everywhere and tons of articles talking about it is because it has a serious financial and social impact. Millions of people fall […]

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