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Romania Webcams and Online Dating Scams Find More Victims

Romania Webcams and Online Dating Scams Find More Victims

Online dating scams have a different style in every part of the world. In Romania and Eastern Europe, scammers commonly hire webcam models because it is an effective way to lure victims. Most victims of Romania scammers did not suspect anything was wrong until it was too late, mainly because every little detail has been carefully designed to carry the fraud for years.

Private investigators in Romania say that among webcam and dating scam victims there are many educated individuals who just made one mistake: not verifying on time.  Frequently victims claim they trusted the person they were communicating with because they had seen them through a camera. However, being able to see someone on a webcam is no proof of who they really are, or what are their real intentions. Models are hired by criminal gangs to manipulate victims, but they have no other intention than getting paid for their part. Women who work for this business can earn as much as $30,000 USD every month for appearing in front of a webcam, and in a country where the average wage is close to $850 USD, the difference is quite significant.  In some cases, the person in the video is not a direct video feed, but being relayed to you through a third party, the scammer or criminal.

In many cases, victims were clients of adult content websites who became involved with someone in particular, and with time, developed a close online relationship with this person. The real problem is that they become so involved that are unable to see the red flags. Requests for financial help start arriving and victims agree to send money because they want to help. Unfortunately, none of it is real.  Asking for money is not the only way to get scammer.  Online criminals in Romania are increasingly seeking information, and can hack into your accounts, or even worse, blackmail you.

What to do if you meet a Romanian online?

Romanian dating and marriage scams are not a game. These are serious crimes with serious consequences.  Victims could be seriously damaged not only financially but in other aspects of life, like their emotional stability, work relationships and in the worst-case scenarios they may even have trouble with law enforcement due to being involved in illegal activities without being aware.

This is why anyone meeting a Romanian online should be skeptical and cautious! Understanding that anyone can be a victim and taking the necessary preventive measures is the first step. It is important to ask many questions and to obtain as much data about this person as you can. Private investigators in Bucharest can contribute with evidence and verifications, but they will need somewhere to start from. Basic information like a full name and a date of birth are essential to search for evidence, but the more you can provide the more investigation and verification that can be done.

Once you have enough data, the smartest way to go is to hire a dating background check in Romania to verify this person’s identity. Knowing the truth from the start makes a big difference, and a dating background check can provide evidence to know if you are communicating with a real person or a criminal. Don’t wait until it is too late! It is better to have the evidence sooner rather than later.

Keep in mind that no site is immune from fraud, so protect yourself regardless of the site you decide to use.  Internet criminals target online dating sites such as Match.com, eHarmony and hundreds of others, as well as adult websites.  Social media sites like Facebook are also a target.

Contact us today for a free investigation quote if you need to verify someone in Romania. We can help you obtain the evidence you need to stay safe, and make an informed decision.

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