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Romania Romance Scams – What You Need To Know

Spotting an online dating scam is not easy nowadays. Romance scams have become part of the daily news and a trendy topic in social media, television, etc. The reason why we see alerts everywhere and tons of articles talking about it is because it has a serious financial and social impact. Millions of people fall […]

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SCAM ALERT: Database Search Websites Offer Fake Investigations

It seems like nowadays for anything you do online you need to watch your back. And sadly it is true. People who use online dating sites to meet people from other countries should know for a fact that the only way to be safe and avoid online dating scams is by getting a dating background […]

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SCAM ALERT: Real Private Investigators vs. People Search Sites

In the last few months different people have approached our international private investigators team with a great concern: people search sites. For a long time we have advised people how important it is to research the company or website that you are hiring to get the evidence or information that you need. But, people search […]

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