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SCAM ALERT: Database Search Websites Offer Fake Investigations

SCAM ALERT: Database Search Websites Offer Fake Investigations

It seems like nowadays for anything you do online you need to watch your back. And sadly it is true. People who use online dating sites to meet people from other countries should know for a fact that the only way to be safe and avoid online dating scams is by getting a dating background check investigation to verify that the person on the other side of the computer is real and honest. But wait! It is not that simple. You need to start by finding the right background check provider. Not every investigation is the same, and you can also get scammed when trying to find investigation services online.

There are many websites and companies that claim to offer international background checks and investigations but don’t have a single investigator working for them.

Database search websites have emerged as the new convenient tool to check people online. Within a couple of minutes, they claim to deliver relevant information pertaining to a certain person, including contact information, criminal records and more. But can a database search be considered an investigation? No.  Is searching a website or the internet a real investigation?  No.  Can a database truly verify a person in a foreign country?  Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Getting real evidence and verifying if a person exists and is who he or she claims to be requires real investigators.  International background check investigations require highly trained investigators on the ground where you need them, who speak the language, have access to local records, and yes have proven experience in professional private investigation.  In developing countries, searching databases or just checking criminal records is negligent and not effective risk management.

Many websites claiming to offer investigations are now thriving due to the increase in the amount of victims of fraud and the consequent increase in the demand of investigation services all around the world.   But, very few are real and reputable investigation companies.

The potential victims of online dating scams or internet fraud are people usually under a lot of stress, who are just becoming aware of the risks and dangers of socializing online. Many times, this stress makes them anxious for answers, and although a database search website may seem like the perfect place to get answers fast, the truth is that they will most likely be scammed there too. International private investigators are now alerting people to be careful not only about the people you meet online, but also about the services that are meant to help you avoid being victim.

A database search is not an investigation and it is not a background check.   In high risk countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, China, Malaysia, South Africa, the Philippines, and many others, it is critical to have real investigators.  Expect to pay a realistic price for trained investigators.  Experts can obtain clear evidence so you can make a safe and informed decision.

If you come across a website offering “background checks” for $19.99 or even $99.99, be advised that you get what you pay for, and unfortunately, no reputable investigation company can offer services for less than $100.  A true background check investigation is much more than criminal records.

Trained investigators verify a person and uncover real evidence, verifying ID or passport, documents, checking criminal and court records, verifying address and DOB, checking references, verifying employment and education, screening the case for fraud, and more.

If you are looking for an investigation to lower your risks, save yourself from additional trouble. Look for a well-known and professional private investigation firm, with investigators on the ground in the country where you need them.  Wymoo International has investigators in over 100 countries and maintains an A+ Rating with the U.S. Better Business Bureau, and is verified by Truste and McAfee.

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