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Romania Romance Scams Increase, Say Romania Private Investigators

Romania Romance Scams Increase, Say Romania Private Investigators

Thousands of people around the world have a story of online romance scam. Whether they fell for the scam or were lucky enough to discover the truth before being a victim, the truth is this is a common problem in our society. Could you ever be conned out of money by a stranger posing as a potential romantic partner? Yes, anyone can be a victim, and Romanian fraudsters have this very clear.

“Many years ago, when Wymoo International was first becoming one of the leading international private investigation firms, we thought that online romance scams were just a trend that would eventually decrease and end,” says Director of International Background Checks,  John Wallace. “However, as time passed dating fraud continued to grow, and it seems there is no end to it.”

So how is it possible people still fall for them when police and media continuously warn of the growing criminal epidemic of romance scams and online fraud? The reason is that romance scammers are often experienced criminals and they understand the game they play better than anyone.

What makes Romanian scammers so dangerous?

The question thousands may ask themselves is:  Is my Romanian online girlfriend real or a scammer? The answer cannot be found online. Romanian online criminals are especially dangerous because they take the job very seriously. As it happens with other Eastern European countries like the Ukraine and Russia, this kind of con artist rarely makes a mistake. Every word in the conversation is planned so there would be no inconsistencies. Every document has been carefully altered so it won’t be an obvious forgery.  In other cases, real identities are used, but the subjects have one objective – financial gain.  These cases are the most difficult, the subject is a real person and technically who they claim to be, but their goal is to obtain as much of your private information and money as possible.

Whether it be fake identity, hacking, identity theft, gold digger, romance scam or marriage fraud, there is real and serious risk in Romanian relationships, especially those begun online.

Everything is calculated so that no one but a professional investigator in Romania can uncover the fraud. Victims usually will not realize they are being groomed until it is too late.

Do not wait until it is too late!

Prevention is the most important tool, and a good investment compared to the losses reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center every year.  Speak to a professional investigator with trained experts on the ground in Romania with the resources and experience to get clear answers.  Hoping for the best and not verifying a Romanian relationship can and often does result in disaster.

People who are in an online relationship with a Romanian need to understand two very important things. Number one is that anyone can be a victim, so being skeptical is always a good advice. Number two is that you can hire professional help to verify the facts and avoid being a victim yourself. If people were skeptical and hired a dating background check investigation in Romania in the early stages of the relationship, many scams would be avoided.   Knowledge is power.

As mentioned before, Romanian romance scammers are particularly dangerous. There is no DIY (do it yourself) investigation that will work to uncover a Romanian fraudster.  Most people don’t speak the language and of course don’t have the training or contacts in government agencies in Romania.  The best option is to hire an investigation company  like Wymoo International with local investigators on the ground in Bucharest. A professional investigator in Romania will have access to the information and be able to verify whether or not a passport copy has been forged, check birth, criminal, address and marriage records on a local level, verify employment and education backgrounds, etc. All this information helps to verify the person in Romania to keep you safe.

It is also important to remember that romance scammers are often organized in crime rings. The women in the photos are many times real, but they are not who they claim to be and have no intention whatsoever to establish a serious relationship with their victims.

Last but not least

It might not be your case, but it could be a situation a friend or relative is going through. Share this article with the people you care about with relationships in Romania.  You never know who you might be saving from a broken heart or an empty bank account!  Get a free quote today.

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