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Yemen Military and Syria Soldier Scams – How to Not Be a Victim

Yemen Military and Syria Soldier Scams – How to Not Be a Victim

Throughout the history of the internet, online fraud and romance scams have changed locations, tactics and communication methods, but soldier scams have been some of the most successful of all times. They are also some of the fastest growing.  There are big advantages for fake soldiers online. In the first place, most people have a lot of sympathy for military members, who are sacrificing for the greater good of all citizens. This sympathy makes potential victims more vulnerable. Also, fake soldiers can claim they are deployed anywhere in the world, and can change their supposed location according to their own convenience. This gives scammers flexibility in regard to money requests, it favors anonymity and keeps it hard for authorities to follow their tracks.  In many cases, it’s not money that online criminals are after – it’s your personal data.  Personal data can be used against you, or used to access your accounts.  Currently, Yemen and Syria are hot spots for soldier scams, so it is important to make sure you won’t become a victim.

Take a look at the following recommendations from our private investigators for Syria:

  1. Never underestimate the abilities of a scammer. Most people who fall victim of a soldier scam had doubts about whether they were communicating with a real soldier or not, and they put scammers to test. However, most fraudsters will surpass any test you give them: they can forge documents, they have a network that supports them and many resources to continue operating. They have the criminal experience needed to gain your trust and steal your information and/or money. So be skeptical. Any document they provide should be checked for its authenticity by a professional investigator and verified with the corresponding authorities.
  1. Ask all the questions you can, and save the most relevant information. If someone is considering you for a serious relationship, they will not mind telling you about their lives. Make sure you ask for important data like their date of birth and where they were born. A full name, place and date of birth can be extremely useful when verifying someone’s identity, so make sure you have that information.
  1. Always trust evidence, not stories. The situation with war in Yemen and Syria is real, just as much as it was (is) in Afghanistan. The problem is that military scammers use real situations, even real news, and manipulate you in their favor. Hire a military background check investigation from a reputable investigator to obtain reliable evidence rather than believe what a stranger online has to say.
  1. Make sure you hire reputable investigators in Yemen, Syria, Turkey or wherever the individual claims to be deployed. Internet scammers are all around, and some may contact you claiming they can recover losses or help with apprehension of a criminal. In many cases, scammers are just trying to victimize people twice. The best option is to look for an investigation firm that has been in business more than 15 years and that is accredited by organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

The only way to stop online military scammers is to cut their profits to zero. When you avoid being a victim yourself, and share the warnings with others, you are contributing to stopping crime.  If you’ve met someone online you need verified, contact us!

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