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Syria Military Scams Remain a Threat: Know the Warning Signs

Syria Military Scams Remain a Threat: Know the Warning Signs

Have you met or talked online with someone claiming to be in the military? Did they ask you for money or documents? You may be looking for true love, but chances are you will fall victim to one of the thousands of military scams carried out every day. Fraud prevention organizations, international investigators, law enforcement agencies and the media have warned those involved in online dating to exercise caution when communicating with someone claiming to be a member of the military in Syria.

Wymoo International investigators receive hundreds of inquiries every month from victims who claim to have engaged in an online relationship with a claimed military member. The scammer usually starts asking for money for various needs related to bogus services, such as freight charges, communication costs (telephone or internet fees), marriage related expenses, groceries or basic needs, or even medical expenses. Most victims of these online military scams think they are doing a good deed in helping a soldier. Instead, they give their money or information to a scammer, sometimes losing thousands of dollars through fraud or blackmail, and with little to no chance of recovering their losses.

Countries like the U.S. and the U.K. have established specialized task forces to deal with this growing epidemic of online crime. Unfortunately, the people who carry out these scams are overseas using untraceable email addresses, private networks, Bitcoin accounts, and all kinds of tools to remain anonymous.

Although scammers claim to be located in Syria, their real location is usually in other countries. That is why they need to use cryptocurrencies to be able to retrieve the money they ask for or convince their victims the money needs to go through an associate, friend or other military member in the U.S., Ghana, Malaysia or other country.

How can you avoid being a victim?

Understand the risks: Naïve people who do not know what and who they face are scammers favorite target. That is why no one can afford to be carefree about online dating. Military romance scammers do not work isolated, they often belong to crime rings and have many resources. It is not ideal wait and see what happens in these cases, especially because victims are dealing with very dangerous people. If you, a relative or a friend are dating someone online, be very cautious and share this information to keep them safe.

Check the facts: Getting evidence is always the most important step to avoid being duped by military scammers. If you met someone online who claims to be a soldier deployed in Syria, get the facts. Reliable evidence cannot be found online, so the best option is to hire a military background check. Evidence is the best tool to fight crime.

Do not send money to strangers: Be very suspicious of money requests, even if the request comes from a third party or company.  Remember your private data should be kept private, and can be used against you.  Sharing your personal data, such as your full name, date of birth and address with an online criminal can result in identity theft and extortion.

Male victims: beware! Syria military scammers are now creating fake female soldier accounts to deceive unsuspected men. Military scams used to target women in the past, but not anymore. A great percentage of the military scam victims currently are men.

Remember that a background check investigation will determine if the person you are communicating with is real or a scammer, and it’s better to hire one before you invest your money, your time and your feelings. Do not ignore the chance to find out the truth, and to protect yourself from criminals who don’t mind using real human suffering for their own benefit. Contact us today and get your investigation quote!

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