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Romania Webcam Sites: Verify to Minimize Your Risk

Romania Webcam Sites: Verify to Minimize Your Risk

Have you heard about the latest booming business on the internet? You might think some Silicon Valley entrepreneur is leading the way, but that is not the case. According to a recent article from the BBC, the Romanian sex cam industry is at its highest and it is the fastest growing sector of the online global pornography business.  Many Romanian women are cashing in on the trend.

According to private investigators in Romania, more than two thousand studios are estimated to be operating in Bucharest, featuring at least ten models at a time. Most of their audience are men from the United States and Western Europe with the financial means to pay for the service on a daily or weekly basis. Many fall in love and end up losing thousands of dollars in the process.

No wonder why stripping for the camera has become one of the most desirable jobs in Romania. Women who work for this business can earn as much as $30,000 USD every month for doing so. In a country where the average wage is close to $850 USD, the difference is very significant.

Most of these websites do not require payment from the clients unless they request a private session, which means camgirls need to be able to convince their audience that going on a private session with them is worth their money. But the real problem is not how much they get paid for such services. The real problem is the amount of fraud cases that derive from Romanian webcam sites.

Hundreds of men who pay for the webcam service get too involved with the women they meet in these sites. “It is not uncommon for us to have clients who have developed real feelings for a woman they met on a webcam site” says John Wallace, Director of Background Checks at Wymoo International. After all, many of the girls working there are truly victims of a system that is not letting them support their families or climb a professional ladder, so they end up working in something that solves their basic needs. However, the real trouble comes when these men naively start sending financial help or making themselves responsible for financial obligations pertaining to these women.

Considering that the camgirls get paid only for private sessions, there is no mystery as to why they try so hard to get their clients fall in love with them and be “faithful”. Romanian fraudsters will often claim they have fallen in love with their victims, and that they want to stop working as a camgirl. Although there are real cases of ladies who are trapped in this circle and want to get out of it, there are also many who just say this so they can make more money. The competition is harsh and every day there are more ladies offering the service. The key to avoid being a victim is to hire a professional.

One of the most common mistakes that victims of Romania fraud make is to base their decisions on what their eyes see and what they are being told. Hiring a professional investigator is a great way to know what is true and what is not, not only because the investigator is an unbiased third party, but also because they have the know-how and the resources to verify if the subject’s claims are real.  Wymoo International has highly trained investigators on the ground in Bucharest.  We speak the language, we have access to local records, and we have the resources and training to obtain clear evidence.  This enables our clients to know the facts so they can make an informed decision and stay safe.

If you have met a Romanian webcam girl and you are considering helping her or proceeding in the relationship, be safe and stop and think.  Contact us and get a free quote today!

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