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Romania Online Dating Verifications Help Avoid Marriage Fraud

Romania Online Dating Verifications Help Avoid Marriage Fraud

The diversity of online romance scams and marriages for visa is significant and is well known in Romania. Thousands of men from many different places in the world find Romanian women attractive for marriage, which is definitely an advantage for scammers and fraudsters. Private investigators in Romania can be of great help when trying to find out if you have been caught in a marriage scam.

Many Romanian women are seeking better lives, and trying to escape from poverty.  Most of the scammers in this region look for financial gain, but also for the ticket to get into developed countries. Although Romania has managed to decrease poverty and social exclusion in the past few years, more than 35% of the population still live at risk of poverty.  The local economy in Romania has been slowly improving, but life in the country is still difficult for most women. Young people get jobs in cities like Bucharest, but the wages can be very low and in many cases no benefits are included.

The high poverty rate continues to be associated with a reliance on agriculture and life in rural or marginalized areas.  For a Romanian woman in a rural area, love has no meaning if her man has no money. This mentality has now been taken to the internet.  While some of these women never have any intention to marry and are simply seeking financial support from their online lovers, many other are seeking marriage for visas into Canada, the U.S., Australia or the U.K. These Romanian women are seeking out their “sponsors” on major social media networks, match-making sites and bridal search sites.  The highest risk sites remain the cam websites where Romanian women perform adult and pornographic acts in exchange for fees from Western clients and customers.

It is difficult to find opportunities and get wealthy in Romania. People struggle every day to make a better life for themselves and for their families, but it’s not easy. These conditions drive a lot of good Romanian women to look for the easy solution to increase their income: having several foreign boyfriends pay for their expenses or open them the doors to a new life elsewhere.

How Marriage Fraudsters Operate in Romania

The first thing any marriage scammer will do is to take their time to gain your trust. Once they accomplish this, they may request financial help to pay for school, rent, visa or passport applications, sick relatives, internet connections, and endless other combinations, or blackmail you.  In some cases, all the scammer or online criminal needs is access to your computer to gain your passwords.  Scammers can be convincing and gain their victims’ love with their beautiful looks and sweet words. For most victims once marriage has been discussed, it can be hard to turn down their requests.

How to Avoid Being Victim

Investigators advise that if you are involved in a long-distance relationship with a Romanian, especially via the internet, and want to move the relationship to the next level, be skeptical and get the person verified! If they request money, be even more skeptical! Online dating verifications in Romania will provide the evidence needed to make a smart decision. If a background check proves that your online partner has been honest, you can move forward with peace. If not, it is time to move on and look for someone real!  The risk for fraud is simply too high to ignore in Romania, and not having a person verified by a professional investigator can lead to heartache and financial loss.

If you have feelings for a Romanian woman and you are considering a serious relationship, avoid the high risk and consider a professional dating background check investigation to verify her story and background, and to make sure that she is who she claims to be.

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