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Afghanistan Internet Fraud and Military Dating – The Risk

Afghanistan Internet Fraud and Military Dating – The Risk

American soldiers have become unintentional protagonists of one of the most increasing scam schemes of the modern era, military romance scams.  Online romance scams like these are an epidemic sweeping the world and many organizations, including the US Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, have been working on alerting the public and giving out useful information on prevention.

Despite the alerts, thousands of people are still being manipulated by scammers claiming to be a peacekeepers in a foreign country. Online criminals are now using the IDs and photos of living and dead soldiers to conduct their scams and internet fraud,  and sadly only a fraction of victims report their experience to the proper authorities. The anonymity that the Internet provides, the access to tools that cover the criminal’s tracks and the lack of reporting makes stopping these criminals very difficult.  But prevention is not costly and it can put an end to this criminal business.

How bad is the Afghanistan military scam problem?

Every day at Wymoo International, we receive a large number of emails from people all around the world, especially women, who are dating an American soldier online.  These women are feeling uneasy about their online relationship and need help to conduct a background check investigation and verify if the person they have been communicating with is real. Most of these women are looking for help after spending a long time communicating with the subject, often after the damage is done.

International private investigators say that the cases of victims losing amounts of 5 digits (and more) to a fake soldier in Afghanistan are getting more frequent every day. And the victims are not to blame. Online criminals spend months and even years developing trust and intimacy with their targets. They have gathered enough resources to convince the victims that they are real, and they are also good at saying the right things. Criminals have an arsenal of photos, fake passports, invoices, official letters, etc to support their stories. Once the victim is becoming comfortable with the relationship, the criminals test the water to see how far they can go, until they steal your identity or money.

Although investigators do not keep a track or statistics of the losses or the cases, the media does remind us every now and then the impact of military scams.  It is serious business .

How to be safe from internet fraud?

The world is full of threats and potential risks, regardless of the country where you live or your social environment.  People do not need to restrain themselves from online dating or from dating. They simply need to find effective ways to reduce the risks and prevent themselves from being a victim.

Professional private investigators say that it is important to keep your eyes open and remain informed about what is going on in the world.  But it is also important to know that reading about victims’ experiences does not work for everyone and it is not an effective way to stop fraud.  Criminals are good at what they do, so speak to a professional about verifying anyone you meet online.   Most potential victims are aware that online romance scam exists, they just don’t think it’s their case!  Most victims think they are too smart, and it could never happen to them.  Wrong.

Reaching for professional help to uncover the evidence is a very important step into stopping scams and preventing it from happening in the first place. If you meet someone claiming to be a soldier deployed in Afghanistan, get a professional background check investigation from a reputable private investigation company specializing in international cases. This will allow you to see the whole picture, and to make better decisions. If you have evidence that the person you met is not who he claims to be, you will be able to proceed accordingly, and be safe from making a costly mistake.

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