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Websites Featuring Romance Scammer Photos Deceive Victims

Websites Featuring Romance Scammer Photos Deceive Victims

The internet is full of websites that feature photos of people who are supposedly romance scammers. In today’s world, thousands of people search every day for ways to know if the person they met online is real or just another online con-artist. But you have to be careful with what you find online! A website with romance scammer names and photos is not a reliable way to determine if someone is real or not.  There are billions of photos available to anyone on the internet, and when you publish your photo on online, it is free for the taking.  Real verification means real investigation and real evidence.

It is important to know that most of these websites are built with contributions from people who have been a victim, and although the intention to prevent others from becoming a victim is great, this is not an effective method to rule out fraud, or to guarantee someone is a criminal or legit.

The fact is that people post photos of the person who they thought they were talking to, but most of the pictures of online romance scammers are stolen from the internet.  Whether it is a celebrity or just a regular person, the real woman or man in the picture is in most cases just a victim too. Their identity has been stolen because they have good looks, and these websites that amass thousands of their photos are just hurting them even more.  Criminals often use photos from social media and online dating websites, and routinely change the aliases, emails and photos used to conduct fraud, making the names and photos nearly useless when it comes to fraud prevention.  Can you imagine what it would be like to find your daughter’s photo everywhere online tagged as a scammer just because an internet criminal used it? Have you seen how many real soldiers have to deal with people insulting them or trying to make their lives miserable because they were victim of identity theft? How about losing job opportunities or a good relationship because your photo was found online on a romance scammers website?  The reality is that this happens all the time, because people believe in photos.

International private investigators say it is not only unfair to post photos without knowing who they really belong to, but it is also a very ineffective method to know if you are being scammed. “We see cases everyday of people who were convinced their online romantic partner was legit because they had done a search online and never found them listed as one,” says John Wallace, Director of Background Checks at Wymoo International. While people believe they are safe because they didn’t find their partner in any romance scammer list, the crooks continue to take advantage of them.

So which is an effective method to find out if you are talking to a real and honest person? A dating background check investigation conducted by professional investigators is the best way to stay safe and verify any person you meet via the internet.  International cases are not easy because in most countries there are no reliable databases available, so you will need local professional investigators to verify the information directly at the sources.  Investigators will have to visit local authorities, call employers and schools, and research in local public records and government records.

Contact us if you feel suspicious about your online partner, or if you want to make sure you are safe. Being cautious is always a good idea when dating online, and the internet will not provide information you can trust.  Real evidence requires the training and resources of real investigators.

Contact us today for a free investigation quote for details on how we can help.

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