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Widows: Tips for Safe Online Dating

Widows: Tips for Safe Online Dating

Spending a first date chatting over a cup of coffee or laughing over an ice cream sundae isn’t as typical as it is once was. Instead, more widows are turning to find new romance through virtual means and private messages.  Today’s online dating sites make it simple to find a prospective love through virtual matches of age, sex and other common interests. This is particularly significant and helpful when it comes to people who have lost their spouse to death — widows and widowers often just date each other.   Online dating and social media, for some, is a convenient option.

As online dating for widows becomes more and more popular, it increases the need to spread the awareness about the dangers that accompany it.  There have been thousands of victims worldwide who have found out the hard way about the serious risks that come with meeting someone on the internet.  Some of have lost their life savings.  In extreme cases, people have lost their lives.  Here are some ways to make sure widows stay safe on their quest to find love online.

Ask questions.

In order to gauge your online match’s honesty, ask him a question.  Later ask the same question in a different manner and see if the stories match up.  Be keen to answers and stories that seem off.  You want to see a string of integrity – a series of times questions and answers are consistent and aren’t red flags.  To be safe, you should get a dating background check to avoid being a victim.

Own your online presence.

Don’t post your contact information on your dating profile.  You have to be in control of what you share online and don’t put your phone number, email address and home address on your profile for the world to see.  Over-sharing can leave you vulnerable.  Make sure that even if you omit your contact information and personal data on your dating profile it cannot be found via another avenue. You shouldn’t share your personal information on any social media accounts.

Trust your intuition.

While widows may be eager to meet a special someone and form a relationship, it’s still always smart that they trust their intuition. When all is said and done, online and offline dating really aren’t that different. If something doesn’t feel quite right, it probably isn’t right. If behavior or an exchange of words causes discomfort, or if you get harassing emails, seek immediate help. Most dating sites allow users to report “abuse” so do not hesitate to use it when necessary.  Contact the police if you feel you are being stalked, even in online ways.  The risk for real crime is real online.

Define your expectations.

As a widow, you need to decide what you want out of dating. Do you want to build a new relationship and even get married again one day? Are you looking for someone to have fun with for now and see where the relationship goes?  Establish your expectations of online dating and keep that in mind as you engage with your matches.  If you want more, but your online lover continue to back away or refuses to meet you in person that may be a red flag.  This person may be preparing to scam you.

Never give out money.

Scams are all too common online and widows tend to be common targets unfortunately.  No matter how much you feel like you know and trust someone you have met online, never give away your money or financial information.   Verify anyone you’ve met online with a reputable and professional private investigator.  Get evidence, be safe and make informed decisions.

Don’t rush into things.

Instead of diving headfirst into a new relationship, allow yourself to heal.  Don’t worry about pleasing others.  Scammers are likely to take advantage of someone who is vulnerable.  Instead, let yourself heal and take things slowly.  If you are dealing with a scammer, chances are they will tire of waiting on you to open up and move on.  A trained investigators can identify the red flags.

There are many benefits of online dating for widows – when done with caution.  Despite awareness, romance scams are on the rise. The dangers are out there, but they can be avoided if individuals do enough to protect themselves.   Contact us today for a free quote.

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