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Three Things You Need to Know About Your Online Date

Three Things You Need to Know About Your Online Date

If you are one of the lucky ones who has found love online, you might want to double check that the person you met is the right one for you, and the person who he or she claims to be.  Experienced private investigators from Wymoo International recommend contacting an investigators to conduct professional dating background checks to make sure your romance is safe, and to avoid being victim to fraud and scam.  The following are some of the details that you would want verified.

Identity verification

Before getting started with complicated things like business deals, personal hardships or any other particular circumstance, what you need to verify is whether the person you have been communicating with is real or using a fake identity. Many romance scammers build personas (fake characters), which are just created to lure their victims into sending money or unknowingly getting them involved in other kinds of criminal scheme. The first part of any identity verification is confirming birth records, so you will need to ask your online date for their date of birth. A lot of people do not feel comfortable with sharing personal information online, but if you are already advanced in your relationship, there should be no problem in asking for this information. A non-invasive way to request it is to ask for the subject’s age, and once you feel comfortable with each other, as for the birthday. If you are going serious with this person, you will want to know this information anyways.

There is other data that can add evidence on the subject’s identity. For instance, professional investigators can verify if the subject’s photos have been used in scam schemes in the past. Copies of official documents like passport, visas or an ID card can provide important information for investigators to check.  Wymoo investigators can verify the authenticity of any document or ID sample.

Living situation

Another important thing to verify the legitimacy of your date is their living situation. It is a good idea to know where they are located, if they live in a home or if they are staying in a temporary address (like a hotel), if they work or study, and where. Again, this is all information you would want to know anyways because you are trying to get to know this person better, so get started with the questions! A thorough dating background check investigation will not only help you determine whether the person is real or not, but it will also confirm if this person is honest regarding their living situation. Marital status can also be added to this list. Remember that for the purpose of conducting a dating background check, the more information you have, the more findings and evidence you will get.

Travel, special roles and business deals

You might be ready to take new steps and move forward in the relationship, but you first need to understand if this is possible and how. Thousands of people date foreigners. Are they able to travel? Do they have a passport?  What are the chances to meet, and how much effort and money will that take? Online dating makes it easy to communicate, but not to meet. It is important to verify if your date is even eligible to travel to your country, and the costs involved in attempting a travel (either yourself or the other person). A person’s employment, business deals or even family circumstances can make meeting difficult. Try to make sure that your wishes for the relationship are realistic, otherwise you might be losing valuable time and money in something that will not happen!

Dating background checks are important to tools to date safely online. If you’ve met someone online recently, be safe and get that person verified.  Contact us today for a free quote!

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