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How to be Safe When Picking an International Boarding School

How to be Safe When Picking an International Boarding School

The demands of modern life often require people to travel frequently for work, especially those who have executive positions within multinational companies and military members. Many of them have families to take care of, and children are forced to move around the world with their parents. For many of these parents the best option is a boarding school or international school, where their children will be cared for and safe while the adults are away on work trips.

However, selecting the right boarding school is not easy, especially in a country that you do not know well. After all, the care of the most important people in any parent’s life will be the responsibility of a stranger, so there is no way to allow yourself to be lax in the evaluation and selection of the right people.  International laws, requirements and schools vary significantly.

Wymoo investigators have put together some of the ways in which an international private investigation team can help with the task of selecting the right boarding school for your children.

Hire a general school background check

Professional background check investigations are common within many types of organizations. International private investigators are commonly hired by investors and business people who want to make sure they are dealing with responsible and legitimate companies. The same can be applied to schools. A thorough background check investigation can determine whether a school is properly registered, if they comply with local regulations and laws, if they have a good financial standing or have filed for bankruptcy, if it has been involved in any legal conflicts, if they have a good reputation, and many other things.  Visiting an international school is not enough; you need a professional to take a deeper look into the operation and verify if they are capable of taking care of your children.

Screen the Head of the School and Main Staff

It might be a good idea to screen the people in charge. In countries like the U.S., people who work with children must undergo a background check investigation to confirm that children are safe around them. However, this does not happen in most of the countries, and even sometimes in the U.S. schools fail to screen their employees properly. This is why parents cannot rely on a policy and trust the work has been already done. Although it is nearly impossible for a parent to hire an international employment screening for every staff member, it is possible to screen at least the head of the school to make sure there is nothing dark in their past, especially records of sexual misconduct or abuse, and that they are in fact who they claim to be (identity, experience and qualifications).

Local investigation can help take a deeper look

References from other parents, neighbors and previous employees is another way to know if the school is right for your children. A local investigator can discreetly investigate what other people say about the school, and if there are any particular issues that should be addressed.

As professionals we understand the importance of being concerned about school safety, especially when being in a new and unknown country.  Verifying an international school should be done properly before you make the final decision to send your child there.  Speak to a professional investigator about how to do real due diligence.  Contact us if you need to verify a school or a care-taker overseas.

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