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Private Investigators Focusing their Eyes on Indonesia

Private Investigators Focusing their Eyes on Indonesia

In 2016, international private investigators from Wymoo International have witnessed an exponential rise in cases originating from Indonesia. This country is now, unfortunately, among the moderate to high risk countries for fraud pertaining to the risk for online scams and fraud.

One of the most popular schemes used in Indonesia so far is the retail scam. Consumers all over the world are used to seeing that their products are often manufactured in Bali, and many of them know that the prices paid for such products in Bali are a lot less than in their home countries. That is why many people decide to buy directly in Indonesia, using the internet.

However, online retail purchases involve risks as you may pay for an order you will never receive or your credit-card details might be hijacked by a third-party during the process. Scammers use the latest technology to set up fake retailer websites that look like genuine online retail stores. Other victims have reported identity theft after entering their personal and credit card information in what they thought was a legitimate website, but that happened to be nothing else than phishing.

Romance scams and marriage fraud cases are also growing in Indonesia. Asian women are very popular within single men in countries like the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. Indonesia has not been historically a first option for Western men looking for love, but things are slowly changing.  Being a predominately Muslim country has kept relationships with foreigners to a minimum for a long time, but scammers are expanding their operations.   The internet and globalization have had their effects on the country, and many criminals are taking advantage of this openness to deceive foreign victims.

Muslim criminals and Islamic terrorists are operating active cells and networks throughout Indonesia.  Some groups have ties to ISIS and other terrorist organizations.  Their intent is to exterminate Western society as they know it, and it is critical to identify any company or individual with ties to terrorism or terrorist funding in a Muslim country.  Professional investigators verify the facts and uncover evidence to make sure you’re not getting involved with an entity or person with ties to terrorism.

Below are some general guidelines to keep you safe:

First, avoid posting personal information online, whether it is a store, message board, social media or a dating site. Keep your last name, address, phone number, and other information regarding your whereabouts and identity off public records,  and never post them to an online dating website or social network. The more personal information you post online, the easier it is to begin connecting with an individual who is manipulating you to make you the next crime victim.

Second, verify if the people you have been communicating with are real and who they claim to be. Regardless of the nature of the relationship (personal or business), you will need a local private investigator in Indonesia to conduct a professional background check. Having the evidence you need is the key to wise decisions, so investigating with a pro is a wise move.

If you’ve been dealing with a person or company in Indonesia, contact us today!

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