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Online Dating Risk – Get Real Evidence from Real Investigators

Online Dating Risk – Get Real Evidence from Real Investigators

Every day at Wymoo International, we receive hundreds of inquiries from people who suspect they have been scammed, or who have a feeling that something is not right in their online relationship. As experienced international private investigators, we have seen many different cases: from crazy absurd claims that turn out to be true, to incredibly elaborate scams that no one would ever suspect they are fraud.  Anyone can be a victim, everyone from a school teacher, doctor, lawyer, police officer to a high ranking member of the federal government.  Anyone who uses the internet is potentially at risk of internet criminals who seek the personal data on any internet user they can find.

Private investigations are the best prevention tool for online dating users in order to avoid scam and other risks that might arise from this, like identity theft, blackmail, romance scams or extortion.  Having a real investigator with the experience and know-how makes all the difference when it comes to investigating someone´s background.  Especially if the individual is in another country.  After all, most of the people that want to investigate someone do it because they care a lot for them or are really considering taking a big step, so investing in real evidence is a wise decision.

Why is real evidence important?

The internet offers us all the possibility to do our own research regarding important matters that involve, among other things, health, safety, parenting and relationships.  Unfortunately, most of the time the results of such searches are confusing and contain false information.  They just do not prove anything or may even be dangerous. Every time we reach out to the Internet for help, instead of looking for the right experienced professional who can help us, we are putting ourselves at risk.

Many people, after doing their own online investigation, have come to results that are not at all accurate and that affect their decision making. “For example, we see many people that have searched for employers, lawyers, bank names or accounts on the internet, and have found results that they believe prove the existence or honesty of their partners. But fake results and websites are easy to create in a matter of seconds”, says John Wallace, Director of Background Checks at Wymoo.  Searching web for real evidence is not going to help in developing countries.   Clients need real investigators who speak the language, have access to local records, and are on the ground where you need them.  With highly trained investigators in 100 countries, we offer real investigation and real evidence.

Professional private investigators advise people to be extremely cautious and hire a dating background check investigation, especially in cases involving possible love fraud from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Ghana and Nigeria, and other high risk countries.   Our team often sees cases where people have spent a lot of money trying to find out if their online date is legit or not. Many have paid for access to databases that have no useful information or are a scam. And the truth is, most people are not very sure of what they should be verifying or where to start investigating a potential dating scam.

What can a real private investigator provide?

Private investigators are professionals who can take each piece of information and verify it at the proper source. The results of the work of a private investigator could never be replaced by an internet search. Real investigators in the country of focus will verify birth records, passports or identification cards, employment claims, education claims and public records. Conducting a thorough background check requires expertise, but you´ll see that the findings will be accurate and reliable.

Making the best decision

The main goal of each and every private investigation is to provide information that can help people make better decisions.  Allow yourself to have the whole picture! In some cases, private investigations can be expensive, this is true.  But, like with any professional service, when done properly, can save you money in the long run, and protect you from being a victim of serious crime.

Contact us today for a real background check investigation.

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