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Malaysia Romance Scams On the Rise

Malaysia Romance Scams On the Rise

Long distance online relationships are the new standard for dating. Many understand the risks and how the story goes, but too many people are still being careless about safety measures to avoid being a victim of online scam.  The simple fact is, it can happen to anyone.

You met someone online that you really like, and the relationship has evolved to a point where you feel you need to take a step further. For some people, this next step is getting prepared to meet in person.  For others it is being able to trust that someone else in a hard situation. For scammers in Malaysia, any step further means trying to get money out of their victims’ pockets, which is why being careful is a must.  Internet criminals today can steal your money using endless techniques.

Year after year the number of men and women victimized with romance scams originating in Malaysia rises despite all the information in the media and on the internet regarding the risk. The U.S., Australia, the U.K. and Canada seem to be permanent targets of these scams, as Malaysian crooks go after English speaking victims in the developed world, who have money and the possibility to be duped.

This heartache and financial ruin is all too common in romance scams according to the FBI. Online dating scams have ballooned in recent years. In 2016, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received close to 15,000 reports of romance scams, amounting to more than $230 million in losses.

As shown above, the potential of fraud on the internet is extremely high, especially when your transactions and personal information are being stored every time you use the web. And if you are voluntarily uploading your personal information online in social media sites and online dating apps, you are in an even greater risk of becoming the next scam victim.

Malaysian online scammers are always seeking out easy money, often luring potential victims. They target anyone regardless of background, age and income level and scam thousands of people every year, using tactics which usually catch you off guard, carrying out tricks to steal your money, and sometimes your heart too.  Blackmail and extortion cases are common.

According to professional international investigators, Malaysia is listed among one of the countries that with the highest risk for online fraud. This is why our investigators share some useful tips to help prevent personal risk to online scams and internet fraud cases.

Delete suspicious and untrustworthy emails or friend requests

Not only people who are actively using dating sites are in risk, but anyone who uses the internet is at risk.   If you receive an email or friend request from someone you don’t know, delete it immediately and ignore its content.  Be very suspicious of unsolicited contacts online.

If you are actively online dating, open your eyes to signs of “too good to be true”

If the person you met seems like the perfect match, you might have been very lucky, or you are being tricked. The best way to know if its legit is by hiring a professional investigator. Contact us for a free quote and we can conduct a background check investigation in Kuala Lumpur. Verifying will not hurt anyone, and on the contrary, it can save you from a lot of trouble.

Share knowledge and preventative tips with friends and family

We see many cases of people who have been scammed by someone their friends introduced them on the internet. Do not spread the bad practices, spread the good ones! Let your friends know that there are simple ways to avoid being a victim.  Get help from a reputable investigator!

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