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Malaysia Fraud Cases Have Dropped but Remain a Serious Threat

Malaysia Fraud Cases Have Dropped but Remain a Serious Threat

For some reason people tend to think about online fraud as a problem that is only related to a particular country or region. The truth is that Internet crime is a global issue, and there is no country immune, but there are in fact places and whole countries where the incidence or fraud is higher. Malaysia has been for a long time one of these countries with a reputation for online fraud and scams.  Private investigators in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur recognize that the country remains at high risk, despite the decrease of cases in the past few years.

One of the important aspects to keep in mind is that online romance scams and internet fraud do not originate exclusively in one place, but often include several partners in crime who move from one place to another, and could be located anywhere. What authorities and investigators do to send out an alert is to study where the cases are more frequent and what is the common line between cases so they can warn the public from being a victim.

What is particularly important in places where the cases have dropped, like in Malaysia, is to keep your guard up.  Malaysian scams have not been wiped off the Earth. The threat is still there, and the more we forget or decide to ignore it, the more chances there will be for us to be targeted. Do not underestimate the threat just because it has decreased a bit.

Internet fraud is widespread in Malaysia despite recent efforts to stop it. Among the most common red flags in romance scam cases are allegations of expenses that must be paid urgently to avoid serious consequences or to receive benefits. Some people may also stumble across scammers pretending to be head-hunters on behalf of large companies, where the person who is offered a job is forced to pay money for work permit, fees and administrative costs. The excuses are many, and the creativity of criminals is inexhaustible.  What is important to keep in mind is that any online relationships are risky, and that hiring a professional background check or other private investigation is best to avoid being a victim.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that in many cases of online fraud the real location of the fraudster is not revealed until very far along in the relationship. Regardless of the case, whether it’s a romance fraud or business related, scammers may not mention Malaysia until it’s time to request money or steal your identity.  They may claim to be in London or Paris, but their real location could be Kuala Lumpur, and it may or may not be revealed.  VPNs or virtual private networks and proxy servers are used to keep criminals’ location hidden. Be wary of any claims of involvement with Malaysia, and if they ever appear, get professional help from an investigator as soon as possible. An investigator with access to verifiable sources of information and on the ground in Malaysia can make all the difference when getting evidence.  Real evidence cannot be found online, so make sure you hire a real private investigation firm.

If you meet someone online who seems like the perfect match, you might have been very lucky, or you are being tricked into financial loss, blackmail, extortion or identity theft. The best way to know if it is legitimate is by hiring a professional investigator. Contact us for a free quote. Verifying will not hurt anyone, but it can save you from serious trouble.

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