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Hiring Overseas? Make Sure Your International Candidate is Not a Fraud

Hiring Overseas?  Make Sure Your International Candidate is Not a Fraud

Despite the economic downturn of the recent months, companies have begun 2021 with a lot of optimism. Hopefully, the worst part of the recession has passed and businesses can resume from where they left off. Hard times do bring many lessons though, and the pandemic has shown businesses how valuable it is to hire the right people, and how working remotely can help a business save operation costs and invest in other important things.

Due to all the changes that we had to face in 2020, international hiring became an opportunity to find the best talent, regardless of where they live or come from. But this new trend has its challenges too. Human resources and recruiting officers know the domestic regulations, how to verify someone and what are the right places to look for information in their own country. But an international candidate is a whole different risk level. A professional international employment screening requires a local professional investigator who can conduct a real international background check investigation, as most human resources teams are not prepared to verify someone from a different country.

How do you know your international candidate is not a fraud?

There are many terrible scenarios with a bad hire. Those can go from an employee not having the education and experience they claim to have and failing in their work role, to people who can take a business down with fraud, neglection, illegal activities, etc. The truth is, with domestic or international hires it is equally important to make sure the person you hire is who they claim to be, and has a good set of references to support their good job.  With international hires, there is a very high risk for fraud and misrepresentation that should be mitigated before the hiring is complete.

The only way to know if an employment candidate is not a fraud is to have an international private investigation company conduct a thorough background check investigation. The problem is that we often confuse a database search with a background check, or rely on information found online in places like Linkedin or even Google. But an internet search and a database search are not proper ways to verify a candidate. We all know how long it takes to open an account and create a profile in any online platform. A fake Linkedin profile could be done within minutes, and it can look very real. If you do not know how to verify the information it contains, what is the official source to look for, and don’t speak the language… your best option is to leave the investigation to the professionals.

To really minimize the risk of a bad international hire, private investigators have to be on the ground in the same country as the aspirant to the work position. It is extremely important to have an experienced investigator searching at the right government offices, contacting past employers in their native language, and following all the country’s regulations in terms of privacy and data protection. Only someone who fully understands the language, the laws and the institutions can be able to do the work right, otherwise there will be so many gaps in the investigation that it makes it worthless.  Not to mention experience.  Hiring trained investigators with a proven track records is critical.

Choose the right international background check provider

Selecting the right provider is the most important step. One of the main goals is to select a company with a global reach. This guarantees that you can use the same company regardless of where your candidates come from and maintain consistency not only in the quality of service but also in the format of the investigations and the evidence obtained. Do your own research for investigation companies with local expertise and global coverage.  Wymoo International has highly trained investigators on the ground in most countries, and we specialize in verifying international companies and individuals.

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