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International Employment Screenings Are Key to Safe Hiring in Asia

International Employment Screenings Are Key to Safe Hiring in Asia

A lot of corporations and investors are expanding their operations to countries in Asia. According to the International Monetary Fund, Asia is the world’s most dynamic region, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the economic global growth. Their leadership in many aspects of the digital revolution attracts more and more technology driven companies, which in turn encourages companies from many other fields to follow the Asian expansion and international business development strategies.

In this context, the need for employment background check investigations in China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and South East Asia countries like Malaysia and the Philippines has risen exponentially. Every day a new company is opening its doors in the region. Every day more companies are advancing towards the Asian market and hiring hundreds of employees to support their operations, which is why employment background check investigations are becoming more important in the region.

Get started with a safe hiring process in Asia

 Every recruiter and Human Resources director knows first-hand the importance of being able to find the best talent. The recruitment process, however, goes a lot further than finding talent. Candidates must be screened carefully, especially in countries with high statistics of fraud. A country like Malaysia offers highly talented and well educated people, but it also has one of the highest statistics for employment fraud with fake degrees, which is why obtaining evidence is essential.

The screening process to verify if a candidate is in fact the best addition to the team is many times overlooked. For those who take background checking and professional verification process seriously, the first step to make sure your screening process is on the right track.  International private investigators who have the training, resources, experience and access to information and evidence in foreign countries is what companies will need to properly verify their international candidates.  These are trained professionals in the countries where you need them who speak the language, understand the different local laws, and who can review and verify all the information on a candidate.

International employment background check investigations should never depend on a single “search”, but are actually real investigations to verify the subject’s identity and background.  Only in this way can a company be sure they are truly hiring the right person, and protect their reputation and brand.  Not to mention the finances and trade secrets of each company that you’re about to share with your new hire.  Identity verification is the number one step to complete a professional background check investigation. Expert investigators verify the subject’s ID or passport, document samples, CV or resume, check passport and visa records, verify address and birth records, reputation, and more.  Everyday there are thousands of people who are hired who have a resume that is verified by a person in Human Resources, who has no idea that the actual person being hired is a different person and stolen identity.

Once the identity has been verified, international professional investigators will then proceed to verify the candidate’s experience and other information, such as checking references and so on.  If a candidate is Chinese, for example, you will need a professional Chinese investigator who knows the language, the law and the authorities in order to obtain evidence. If an employee has education or employment history in several countries, all of them must be investigated locally.

Criminal and court records should be checked on a national level to discard any history of misconduct that can negatively affect the business.  The companies that successfully recruit qualified foreign workers have enjoyed great retention rates and a better workforce, which leads to more business. Make sure you hire the professionals that can help you accomplish your hiring goals.

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