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How to Conduct Employment Screening in the UAE and Middle East

How to Conduct Employment Screening in the UAE and Middle East

Hiring new people is a challenge for every company, regardless of the location. Some countries may have simpler legal frameworks and procedures, but the risks of a bad hire are the same everywhere, including the UAE. Even the most experienced HR and recruiting teams run into difficulties when searching for candidates from foreign countries. It’s a lot of work and every detail has to be covered, from searching for the right fit, to securing an employee with a solid reputation and good background. All this work could be at risk if the employment screening process is skipped or inadequately conducted, and without the right tools and professional help it may impossible.

HR managers and recruiters are not investigators, and trying to verify the identity and background of a candidate in Dubai or the Middle East is no easy task.  Safe hiring means obtaining real evidence from actual investigators.

Fortunately, our private investigators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are experts in verifying employment candidates and can make the process a lot less complicated for employers. Selecting the most fit prospect is the ultimate goal, but it is also to avoid financial and legal hassle coming from bad hiring decisions.  And the risk is only rising.

A professional employment screening in the UAE will not only guarantee that the candidate is who they claim they are, it will also protect your company and team members from other serious risks. Some employers nonetheless waive the background checks to expedite the hiring process, but they’re not doing themselves or the company any favor. Skipping background check investigations can be a costly mistake.

Real employment screenings require thorough investigations

A lot of recruiters think that background check investigations should be only about criminal and work experience verifications. But these are not the only aspects to consider in an employment screening process. To be safe, especially when hiring internationally, there are many other verifications that should be considered, especially if the candidate is foreign and working remotely. In these cases, you need to start with an identity verification and then move forward to more exhaustive reference checks.

What evidence will your company require?

There are many types of verifications an employer might want to look into, but it all comes down to the company’s needs and goals for this position. Will the person in this role have access to sensitive information and company assets? Is the role for someone who will deal with public opinion? Is it related to health o caring for other people?

All of these questions will guide you towards the kind of investigation you would like conducted, and once you’ve set those goals you should be able to customize your background checks according to your needs. For instance, a professional employment background check conducted by trained investigators can help determine if the candidate was being honest about their identity, education, reputation and work experience.

Searching for previous employer references can help find out if the candidate has any history of wrongdoing or unreported violations, like theft.  Has the candidate been involved in any previous scandals, negative media, lawsuits or criminal charges?  Government criminal and court record verifications can also help decide whether an applicant is qualified and trustworthy.  Real background checks are real investigations.

Make sure you make the most informed decision

Hiring involves people, and there will never be a 100% guarantee that the person selected is the best fit. However, if you take your time and hire a professional private investigation firm in the UAE, odds are stacked in your favor, and you will know you have a real resume and identity.  A background check investigation works by carefully retrieving all of the available information about a candidate, so that an employer can make an informed decision and successful hire to the company. In many cases, it can make all the difference in making sure that the candidate is not only the best fit for a job but also that they will not cause lasting damage or harm to a business in the long run.

If you are hiring in the Middle East, contact us!  We can help.

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